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Jess Selects: a weekly guide to expanding your music taste - Coach Tev & Pat Ron, SWARM6IX, Finnoguns Wake and more!

This week, we're mixing things up! We will be exploring genres like rap, rock and electronic dance music. Get ready to bop your head and jump on to these songs from underrated artists in the music world!

'CNN' by Coach Tev & Pat Ron

These two rappers from one of the most populated cities in the Lone Star state deserve all eyes on them. The Dallas rap scene is ever-changing and leaves room for all creatives and music artists, Coach Tev and Pat Ron included.

This rap collaboration has been around for a while. Coach Tev and Pat Ron released an EP titled "Shut up & Rap" in April 2021. Their sounds combine well and make listeners want to come back for more. They returned with their latest single, "CNN," on Jan. 8.

"CNN" is filled with the old-school take of rap duets. Both rappers alternate verses throughout the song with this back-and-forth flow that engages listeners and makes them anticipate the latter. The song starts with Coach Tev warming up the mic with "Ay hold up lil' b---- yeah it's me again / Tip toe in this b---- yeah I'm creeping in." After his verses, it is Pat Ron's turn. He hits us with, "Ay this s--- done got ugly / I'm drinking on camera and feeling like buddy from CNN." The song continues this energy with lyrics referencing and comparing sports and athletes making their way to the top.

The balance of these two voices can be felt through every speaker. If you enjoy artists like Smino, Denzel Curry and Vince Staples, you will love the creativity and flows of Coach Tev and Pat Ron!


Have you heard of $UICIDE BOY$, Ghostemane, or Poppy? One thing these artists share is the same genre: Trap metal. It is a genre that puts a creative spin on rap music and heavy metal. When talking about the current age of trap metal and underrated artists in the genre, SWARM6IX should be in the conversation.

Originating from London is a new trap metal group called SWARM$IX. The way they explain their band is "a safe space for those who have always appeared as anti-social, dormant and introverted on the surface." This group has a love for mixing things up and taking risks. They have an unstoppable intensity that shows in their latest single, "LIP$TICK."

This song was released on Jan. 19 through the independent label Out of Line Music. LIP$TICK begins with a slow and steady beat while a deep voice sings about a killer queen. The speedy drums, roaring guitars and passionate voices make this song engaging and impressive.

Listen to SWARM$IX and immerse yourself in the sounds of a new-age trap metal band!

'Blue Skies' - Finnoguns Wake

Finnoguns Wake is an indie-rock duo formed after a turn in life's events. This talented band has a nostalgic sound and lyrics that can touch anyone's heart.

The British rock band "Royal Headache's" vocalist, Tim "Shogun" Wall, and one of his friend's younger brothers, Finn Berzin, come to a band reminiscent of Green Day, Blink-182 and Foo Fighters. Finnoguns Wake has released three singles from their upcoming project, "Stay Young," coming out on Jan. 24. One song that stands out is "Blue Skies."

After losing a close friend, this duo took to pen and paper to express their grief. The song begins with an instrumental that allows listeners to absorb the rhythmic tones and cadences. Shogun enters with the lyrics, "I've been waiting long for these blue skies to die / I just feel so reckless and so tired these days." He expresses what it's like to feel defeat amid the chaos in a beautiful and rock-ful way.

Finnoguns Wake welcomes anyone and any audience. Watch out for their rise to popularity and pre-save their upcoming project!

'DARLING DRIVE' - METTE, Sam Gellaitry

If you have ever wanted to branch out and test your creative sides, METTE is a prime example of that. This artist is a singer, songwriter, actor and dancer from Minnesota, making her dreams come to life.

METTE is a multi-talented artist who is running towards the spotlight. She got her start from being the lead dancer in N.E.R.D. & Rihanna's song "Lemon" in 2017. After having other appearances in Huslers (2018) and Cats (2018), she decided it was time to dive into a different music outlet in 2019: singing and songwriting.

On Jan. 11, METTE released a song titled "DARLING DRIVE" with Sam Gellaitry. This groovy, dance-pop sound can make anyone's head start bopping up and down. METTE and Gellaitry's voices make the perfect combo for a song like this one. It has a touch of Troye Sivan, Tinashe and Duckwrth with a thumping bass that catches your attention.

METTE is available for the ears of all music enjoyers. She is on the come-up, so listen and enjoy the ride on her song, "DARLING DRIVE."

'BLAST OFF! (Part II)' - Saint Lewis, Dreamer Isioma

The "Windy City," a.k.a. Chicago, is full of talent and people unafraid of showing their craft. Saint Lewis and Dreamer Isioma have collaborated once again for a song that is sure to take you out of this world. 

Released on Dec. 7, 2023, "BLAST OFF! (Part II)" is loaded with the energy of friends rocking out in a garage band. It can get anyone hyped up, especially Dreamer Isioma's repetition of the word "GO!" at the beginning. The song is set up to get listeners to stay and saturate in the upbeat punk-rock drums and vocals.

Saint Lewis and Dreamer Isioma have worked together on various occasions and made a flawless team. After Isioma's popularity sparked in 2020 on TikTok for their song "Sensitive," they began to explore their unique sound. With their barrier-breaking artistry, there is no such thing as a "genre" or "category."

Take off on a rocket ship and burst through the colorful tunes of Saint Lewis and Dreamer Isioma! These two are magical and can bring ears from across all genres.

To listen to all the songs that Jess Selects, you can listen to her playlist here.


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