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Artist Spotlight: jxne balances discography of rap, indie pop

Fueled by the influences of hip-hop and indie pop, jxne is making a name for himself across a multitude of styles. From emo rap to Harry Styles-inspired pop, the singer/songwriter has created a varying discography, now including his new single "Utah." 

The 20-year-old artist and Staten Island, New York native spent his high school years freestyling with his friends and testing out the different possibilities of hip-hop. This experimentation is how he discovered his passionate and modern vocal tone, one in the same vein as The Weeknd and Post Malone. 

jxne draws his musical inspiration from those and other genre-bending icons like Harry Styles, Steve Lacy and d4vd. jxne has seen success with ads on Vevo and on Shazam's Best New Music playlist. 

The artist released his first single “Best for You!" in 2020. The track features simple hip-hop beats and lyrics, with hints of mid-2010s emo rap influence. The drum machine and vocal effects suit the mood of the song nicely, especially when paired with jxne's deeply personal lyrics and visceral vocal delivery. 

Following "Best for You!" in 2021 was "Run," another rap track of a similar style to its preceding release. The beat and delivery are consistent with his first single, but the song covers a different, more urgent-sounding theme. The songs contrast nicely while still maintaining a cohesive style for the artist. 

"Fold," a single released in 2022, demonstrates the best of jxne's vocal quality within the rap genre. The song is much more melodic than the two others that had been released at the time, but the beat and core of the song remain in line with his style. This song also has the most notable lyrical flow, along with the most impressive use of his vocal range. 

While these three singles represent the variety and depth that jxne tackles the genres of rap and hip-hop, the music he released in 2023 completely switched the mood of his work. After discovering his love of indie pop, the artist has enhanced his talents as a singer and lyricist by diving headfirst into the genre. 

jxne's first indie-pop release is "Invisible," and although it is his first official venture into the genre, the song sounds like a staple of it. "Invisible" is complete with upbeat drums, punctuating electric guitar with minimal distortion and a resigned voice singing about the pain of love in an upbeat way. 

2023 was the year of indie pop for jxne; the artist released three new singles all fitting in the genre that year. After "Invisible" came "With U," a similarly upbeat and bubbly track. The song displays the confirmed influences of Harry Styles and Post Malone, along with the sounds of bands like Wallows and Dayglow. The song features an increase in instrumental variety, including a riveting guitar solo that turns into a repeating motif.  

The artist's final release of 2023 was "Cross My Mind," an ethereal song full of echoes and whispers. The song is another excellent example of how much range jxne has as a singer, and the unique ways he chooses to display that talent. The song also features a clever rhyme scheme (seemingly influenced by his days in the rap genre) and a mellow mood compared to "With U" and "Invisible." 

jxne's newest release is "Utah," a song about the artist's emotions after someone close to him moved away. The track is a soulful ode to human connection and support, as well as an irresistibly catchy single. The melodic, melancholy track features simple guitar melodies that blend together into a trippy background. The personal touch comes from the lyrics as they delve into tender emotions and experiences. 

jxne's latest single was released by Sound Factory Records, founded by the team that developed Nessa Barrett, Jaden Hossler and Jordi. His growth in musical style and steady balance of many influences have made him a name to look out for in the music community.


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