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Paris fashion week proves that haute couture is not dead

In the past century, we have seen some of the most innovative eras of fashion ever to take place. The revolution of artistry was started by French designer Christian Dior and the passing of the torch to his apprentice Yves Saint Laurent. Pioneering designers like Ann Lowe, who designed Jackie Kennedy's wedding dress, created tangible, wearable art revolutions. Many give rise to the very designers who inspired eras of self-expression. 

With the passing of Vivienne Westwood, André Leon Talley, Thierry Mugler and Virgil Abloh, the fashion world has mourned their creative genius and is craving new, groundbreaking and innovative fashion. This year's Paris Fashion Week has satisfied the people's needs; we may even see the revival of classic eras. 

Maison Margiela 24 artisanal collection made this year's Paris Fashion Week

Designer John Galliano's immense talents created show-stopping pieces with intricate construction alone. Galliano used at least 15 different techniques to create his pieces, eight of which he used specifically for this collection.

The surreal, macabre and horror-themed collection has given fashion fans a much-needed jolt in their system. There were theatrics, drama and acting. The models completely embraced the concept and performed for a lifetime. 

Completely rejecting the generic walk style that has become the standard in the past decade, the models showed off the pieces as they were meant to be seen: not only as clothing but as the extension of an art form. 

The models, taking on the appearance of porcelain dolls, used their bodies to demonstrate stiff and disjointed movement. Makeup artist Pat McGrath has gone viral for the extraordinarily brilliant makeup design that awakened the show. Her decision to create a glass sheen over the makeup on the models' faces created a literal porcelain doll look. 

Although McGrath is keeping the formula for the glass sheen under wraps, people across the internet are attempting the makeup look using Freeman's renewing peel-off gel mask. "Skingate," as the look has been dubbed online, has inspired hundreds to take on the challenge and many believe they have cracked the code to the shiny finish. 

This show itself has garnered widespread attention online, as it is one of the best the fashion world has seen in years. Where theatrics do not overshadow the show but enhance the showcase of the incredibly detailed clothing. With the show's closing by "Game of Thrones" star Gwendoline Christie, fashion has truly been awakened to a new beginning.

Robert Wun ss24 proves ‘murder on the runway' is IN

This year was the year for horror-based fashion, as yet another groundbreaking collection used the gory and the spooky to turn heads. Robert Wun's spring collection shows the glamour of murder mysteries. The collection is breathtaking, using structure, color and embroidery. 

His white bridal-ruched dress shows the meaning of showering in diamond and blood. His use of red beads to emphasize the red splatter on the wedding dress creates a beautiful 3D effect. Showing that killer brides can still have style. 

On two of his pieces, the men's suit and women's suit structured dress, he used crystals and clear beads to create the look of rain falling onto the fabric. Making it look like the models were walking in the rain. 

Wun's artistry created a collection showcasing betrayal, murder, temptation, corruption and death. The detail and precision of the tailoring of these designs enrapture their audience's attention. 

Wu's collection didn't need an elaborate set or theatrics to be one of the best fashion shows of the season. The pure storytelling of the collection's bizarre and intricate nature has gained much praise from the public. 

Is haute couture back? 

It's too soon to say. There has been a resurgence in the fashion world, and the public wants designers to take creative liberties. Many are hoping for the supermodel era of the '90s, mixed with the body and ethnic inclusions being fought for in the present, to take center stage. 

Many want to see the art forms that fashion comprises be explored, praised and nurtured for the place of self-expression clothing provides. While Paris Fashion Week was very exciting, there needs to be a continuous growth of creativity for Haute Coutre to be back. 

With many fashion showcases from the past week taking the internet by storm, it shows that Haute Couture is making a comeback. The people are getting the sustenance they crave after losing so many impactful people in the fashion world. 


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