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'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' rushes plot but drags the ending

Warning, spoilers ahead:

Episode Eight: "The Prophecy Comes True"

In the final episode of the season, the audience finally learns who stole the master bolt and the truth is revealed. This is not the end of the young hero's journey; it is just the end of one adventure. 

The episode opens where Episode Seven left off, with Percy confronting Ares on the beach. Before the battle between Percy and Ares begins, Percy has a flashback of sword fighting in camp with Luke. Jumping back to reality, Percy challenges the god of war into a fight. Ares laughs at Percy, thinking he would easily take the young demigod down. Little to his knowledge, Percy's powers have grown significantly since the beginning of the series. Percy uses the advantage of the ocean at his back and takes down Ares.

Ares applauds his effort but tells Percy that he has just gained an enemy for life. The god of war turns into his true appearance, which Grover yells not to look at, and he disappears. With their backs turned from Ares, they hear a thud on the beach. When they turn around, they see Hades' Helm. Percy then hears his mother's voice calling to him. When he turns, he sees the cabin he and his mother stayed in at the beginning of the season. 

At the cabin, they are met by Alecto, the Fury who followed them in the beginning. She was there to retrieve the Helm of Hades, which had been her quest all along. He gives her the Helm, telling her to hold Hades to his end of the bargain. 

Percy tells Annabeth and Grover he has to go to Mount Olympus and return the master bolt. He believes that if he returns the bolt, Zeus will listen to his warning about Kronos, as he stole the master bolt.

The episode jumps to Percy in New York, going to visit Zeus. Percy meets with Zeus on Mount Olympus and finally returns the master bolt. Zeus thanks Percy for the news but asks him to leave. Percy refuses and argues, but as Zeus goes to strike Percy with the bolt, Poseidon appears to surrender the war with Zeus. Percy finally meets his father. After he meets him, Poseidon sends Percy back to camp.

Back at camp, Percy is applauded for ending the war. Luke tells Percy they need to meet with Chiron away from the celebration to tell him they think it was Clarisse working for Kronos. Annabeth stays behind to keep an eye on Clarisse. 

Luke and Percy walk away into the woods, talking about the Oracle for Percy's quest. This is where Percy learns that the "friend who will betray him most in the end" is Luke. Luke is the one who stole the bolt and Helm, and he is working for Kronos. He tries to persuade Percy to join him and Kronos, but Percy refuses. Out from under her invisible cap, Annabeth appears to help save Percy. Luke disappears without a trace. 

At the end of the episode, it shows campers leaving for the summer. Chiron checks in with Percy to make sure he doesn't need an escort from camp. Percy declines, saying he doesn't think Luke wants to kill him. Chiron calls him a leader for the other campers and is proud of him. Annabeth, Grover and Percy meet to say goodbye. Annabeth leaves to finally go home and see her father, while Grover finally earns his Searcher's license to search for Pan. They all make a pact to meet back at camp next year, no matter what happens. 

Percy is reunited with his mother and wakes up to her telling him to get ready for seventh grade. He had a nightmare of Kronos saying Percy's survival is the key to his return. The episode ends with Percy saying, "If you ever feel like you don't fit in like the world doesn't make sense … then you might be a part of our world. So don't give up because we might need you for the fight ahead."

This episode is named after Chapter 22 in the book and pulls content from the last three chapters of the story. The scriptwriters made most of the story correct, but it felt as if this episode was rushed near the end. Overall, this was a good ending to the remake series. Following the 2010 film, this series gave the book justice. 

According to an article by Screen Rant, the show has yet to be renewed for a second season, but the producers have already assembled a writer's room. The show has earned strong reviews and performed well in viewership, so the chances of renewal are likely.  

Rating: 3.75/5 


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