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Differences between American, British Fashion

When I was packing for the U.K., I thought my wardrobe was relatively fashionable. However, after seeing everyone's fashion in the U.K., I’ve been sorely mistaken. From stunning wool peacoats to swanky leather loafers, people take style here way more seriously than in the U.S.

With these new discoveries in mind, here are the major fashion differences I’ve noticed throughout my last month in the U.K.:

Peacoats are so in

People here opt for wool peacoats instead of wearing a long winter coat. With an array of colors and patterns, these coats make one look way more sophisticated and stylish, even when walking to class. They’re also perfect for the weather, as the U.K. tends to be very rainy, windy and gray all the time. Coats like these are designed to keep your whole body warm, as well as protect your legs from the rain.

Affordable peacoats can be found anywhere online, depending on the style and your price range. On Amazon, its best-selling peacoats start at $45.59, with others ranging from $50.99 to $84.18.

Leather loafers add a level of prestige to any outfit

Luckily, my gut told me to bring my black leather loafers, which are pretty popular here on campus. Leather loafers definitely help step up your look on a regular day, adding just a touch of prestige that makes you feel a lot more put together. In the U.K., leather loafers can be styled with pretty much anything, such as a skirt and tights, jeans, plaid pants and sweaters.

Leather loafers also range in price, but you can find affordable options on sites like Temu, which starts at £5.85 or $7.41, and H&M, which starts at £37.99 or $48.09.

Tights go with everything

It’s no surprise tights are beginning to make a comeback, as I noticed this trend right before I left the U.S. When I walk to classes or go out with friends, I’ve seen so many cute outfits matched with the perfect solid or patterned pair of tights. The good quality of tights is that they are relatively affordable and low-maintenance to take care of. You can also wear them for nicer events, as well as with pieces like dresses, skirts, or even under ripped jeans.

Colorful tights are also a big trend I’ve noticed here in the U.K. Tights can be found in most clothing stores like Target or Walmart, but higher-quality tights can be purchased on sites like Sheertex and SPANX.

Sweatshirt sets

Similar to the U.S., sweatshirt sets are extremely popular in the U.K. The sets serve as a more casual look when going to class or heading to the gym. Surprisingly, they look more stylish than just wearing a regular sweatshirt and leggings, especially in the array of pastel colors they come in.

Sweatshirt sets don’t need much added, except for maybe a cute pair of tennis shoes or shoes that you find the most comfortable. Most people also style them with gold or silver earrings and necklaces and a puffer jacket overtop.

Pricier sweatshirt sets start at $75 on sites like Aritzia, while cheaper ones can be purchased online on Amazon, starting at $29.99.  


The amount of headbands I’ve seen throughout my first month in the U.K. has been shockingly high. Many people style a brown or black headband with whatever they wear, which adds more spice to your look on a dreary day. Either cloth or padded headbands can keep your hair out of your face and be an accessory that compliments the rest of your outfit all at once.

You can find headbands in places like Amazon and Walmart, all starting at $2.88.


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