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Artist Spotlight: R E L shares empowering message with recent single, music video 

L.A.-based artist R E L is a vocal powerhouse and lyrical poet. Her recent single, "Intuition," is the latest addition to the alt-pop singer's empowering and personal discography. 

R E L is the project of singer/songwriter Arielle Sitrick. Sitrick grew up in Chicago before moving to L.A., surrounded by various influences including but not limited to Queen, David Bowie, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Florence and the Machine and Beyoncé. Her distinct sound is inspired by a multitude of genres and styles. 

"Evocapop" is a genre coined by R E L and combines dream/electro-pop and alternative R&B. Through electronic and natural production elements, the artist translates her emotive lyrics and enchanting vocals into a genre all her own. She has played several shows in L.A. and New York at Rockwood Music Hall, The Echo, Resident, School Night, Hotel Cafe, Moroccan Lounge, BMI Acoustic Lounge and Peppermint Club. 

Since the release of her debut EP in 2015, R E L has amassed over 12 million Spotify and 6 million YouTube streams. The self-titled EP begins with the upbeat "All That Bite," an introspective glimpse into a complicated relationship. Other songs like "Headed for the Sun" demonstrate her ability to shift the pop genre into her own sound through ethereal backgrounds and clear, smooth melodies, while "Plateau" and "Salt" introduce an R&B sound. 

R E L's first full-length album is the first piece of a three-sided visual album project, titled after the genre she created and produced within. "Evocapop: Side A" features various song styles, from the electronic, jazzy tunes of "Nanagrams" to the hip-hop-inspired track "Wow Wow Wow," featuring a rap verse from EaSWay. R E L highlights her lyrical abilities with "Surgery," her musical passion with the instrumental interlude "Hyper Aware" and her enrapturing vocal quality with the aptly named "Siren Song." Other standout tracks on the album are "Back to the River" and "Harmonizer," both of which show off R E L's empowering and simmering vocals, emphasizing greater power behind her upper register notes. 

R E L's 2021 collaborative EP with Jynjo, titled "Do you remember?," is an exploration of how her electronic style combines with her organic vocal quality. Songs like "You down" and "Getaways" are sultry and jazzy, featuring lots of percussive and delicate energy. "A little bit sometimes" and "Time Flower" are full of electronic sound effects and make for satisfying, ambient listening. The EP ends with "Seashells," a succinct combination of all these elements and a standout track. 

In 2022, R E L co-wrote "Night City" for a feature in the video game "Cyberpunk 2077." The song has garnered over 11 million streams on Spotify and is an excellent use of the artist's electronic style and larger-than-life vocal power. Through a high-energy drum machine and thoughtfully crafted melodies, the song creates the aesthetic of a lit-up city with sources of danger around every corner. 

"Intuition," delves into her journey of self-discovery and healing. The track emphasizes vulnerability and sensitivity, traits that hold more strength than they're given credit for. The song encourages listeners to connect with their inner selves and find authenticity within their outer selves. The artist's powerful vocals and signature electro-pop style empower and comfort listeners through hopeful messages.

"Intuition" was recently joined by an accompanying music video, in which R E L takes on the persona of a pierrot, symbolizing the metaphorical facade many people find themselves wearing. As the video continues, she sheds her costume and mask to reveal her newfound freedom and inner strength. The visual narrative captures the song's essence: people discover resilience within themselves by stripping away protective layers and welcoming vulnerability. 

R E L is currently working on the second side of her multi-part project, "Evocapop: Side B." The distinct style of her own creation is a beautiful foundation for whatever she goes on to do next. 


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