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Renovated dorms on South Green, March 27, Athens.

Students determine best OU dorm

Room selection assignments for the 2024-25 Academic Year began the first week of March. The selection process has just ended, with the general selection taking place from March 25-28. Ohio University students shared some of their experiences in the dorms, and which dorm and green they think is best. 

Anna Hogrefe, a junior studying business management analytics, said the best dorms on campus are any of the “Side Five” south buildings. The Side Five dorms are Adams Hall, Carr Hall, Sowle Hall, Luchs Hall and Tanaka Hall. 

“They're all the same,” Hogrefe said. “I personally was in Carr, but they're the most renovated. (They’re) not a bad location and they just have the most amenities and I'm biased because I live there.”

The Side Five dorms are equipped with suite-style rooms that share a bathroom with the adjoining suite. These dorms also include student kitchens and laundry on-site, making them convenient for students living in the dorms. There is central air conditioning in these dorms, apart from Adams, keeping students comfortable during the warmer months. 

Even though Hogrefe thinks Carr Hall is the best dorm on campus, she believes East Green is the best green on campus. She lived in Shively Hall before living in Carr Hall. 

“East Green (is the best) because it's the prettiest,” Hogrefe said. “But by far, it's absolutely gorgeous and I think everyone should live on East Green at least once.”

Zoe Hurst, a senior studying exercise physiology, shared her experience of living on campus. She said she was fortunate to live in Jefferson Hall during her freshman year but would agree with Hogrefe that Carr Hall is the best dorm on campus. 

“I had a suite-style, so we had like a bathroom and two sinks and I got to room with three other people so it was definitely a lot better,” Hurst said. “Plus there’s a large kitchen and it's in the middle of campus. It was close to everything.”

South Green dorms are conveniently located for students across all majors. Hurst said South Green was the best green because all of her classes were close by. South Green also houses Nelson dining hall, a hammock park and an outdoor volleyball court. 

Marianna Tiell, a senior studying marketing and sales, said the best dorm on campus is Boyd Hall located on West Green. 

“I would say Boyd (because) it's the only one I’ve lived in since freshman year,” Tiell said. “I didn't come down due to COVID, but I lived on the second floor and had a triple to myself. So I lived by myself and walked down a flight of stairs to go get food.”

Boyd Hall is equipped with air-conditioning units in each room, studying lounges and a public university printer. Boyd has configurations of singles, doubles, triples and quads for rooming. The District on West Green is conveniently located beneath the residence hall. 

Tiell believes West Green is the best green on campus mostly because it was the only green she lived on, but said she still made the most of it and created memories she will remember forever. It was also convenient in location for the classes she took for her major. 

“We built a snowman that January I lived on campus, so that was awesome,” Tiell said. 

When it comes to the least-liked dorms or greens on campus, Hurst and Hogrefe would agree the Back South dorms are not their favorite. The Back South dorms are Hoover House, Dougan House, Ewing House, Wray House and True House. These dorms are mod-style dorms, with each floor separated into three mods consisting of a central living area with two or three halls of six students.

The Back South dorms were the least liked among Hogrefe and Hurst because of the age and level of cleanliness of the dorms. Hurst lived on Back South when some of the dorms were used as quarantine dorms during the COVID-19 pandemic, and said the rooms were small and not very clean. Hogrefe agreed the dorms on Back South are old and that the location also makes them less desirable. 

Tiell said the least desirable dorm in her opinion is Tiffin Hall on East Green. Tiffin Hall is similar to Back South in terms of cleanliness and room sizes. 

There are many different renovations that have been made to various dorms too, making students eager to see the updates to buildings they once knew during their stay in the dorms. 

“I'm interested to see the new Gamersfelder renovation that they were doing over the summer,” Hogrefe said.


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