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'Grey's Anatomy' Episode 2 recap: Bailey's back in charge

Warning: this article contains spoilers

"Grey's Anatomy" Season 20 is in full swing. Episode 2 premiered March 22.

Miranda Bailey is back in charge and has wasted no time putting the interns in their place. In response to the interns' rule-breaking shenanigans, Bailey bans them from the OR. This causes an uproar among the interns, who cannot learn to become surgeons if they are not allowed in the OR. However, nothing Miranda Bailey does is done without reason

Instead of allowing the interns into surgery, Bailey created a procedure log with basic medical procedures for them to complete before they were allowed to go back into the OR. The procedure log is designed to give the interns the foundation they need to succeed as surgeons, but of course, the interns only see it as something keeping them from the OR. Instead of focusing on and learning the procedures correctly, the interns rush through patients' needs to complete their logs. 

In other news, Amelia Shepherd has a cat — a grumpy orange cat, to be exact. She misses her sisters, Meredith and Maggie, and her partner, Kai, who left last season. In addition to getting a cat, Amelia seeks to end her loneliness in what appears to be an attempt at a friendship with Winston Ndugu. 

Speaking of Ndugu, the attending surgeon has an issue with how Bailey polices her interns. He feels that keeping the interns from the OR will make them fall behind. They get into a brief squabble, and Bailey reminds him that she was just awarded for her teaching efforts and she knows what she's doing.

Teddy Altman is in the process of recovery and is making one of the interns, Mika Yasuda, check in on her patients while she is resting. This goes against Bailey's wishes, but Yusada appreciates the extra work. While Yasuda's workload has expanded, so has her love life, as she has been getting extra friendly with surgical resident Taryn Helm. 

Love is in the air for Jo and Link, and the pair indulges in a classic candlelit dinner to remind them of the seafood restaurant where they used to work. Levi Schmitt may also find himself in love soon after going to dinner with a patient, Dante. The pair quickly formed a connection and things between them seemed to flow easily. 

However, things are not so sunshine and rainbows for Simone and Lucas. After Lucas crashed Simone's wedding at the end of Season 19, it seemed like they were headed toward a relationship. The two are so obviously meant to end up together, but in Episode 2, Lucas calls things off completely after Simone decides she needs some time to figure out what she wants. 


Coming off the season premiere, this episode was lackluster. While it was fun to see Bailey back to bossing people around and the interns scrambling to get out of trouble, there was not much to be desired in this episode. Amelia's new cat was arguably the most exciting part of the episode. Meredith Grey's absence is weird and noticeable, and one can only hope that something worthwhile happens soon. It is easy to see that the interns' current storylines are meant to mirror things that happened to Meredith and her fellow interns in the beginning seasons of the show, but the magic is not there like it used to be. 

The next episode will premiere March 27. It will follow Meredith and Amelia as they work to get funding for their secret Alzheimer's research and introduce a new attending surgeon at the hospital. 

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