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Influencer Becca Moore reflects on time at OU

Becca Moore has over 1.3 million followers on TikTok and over 308,000 followers on Instagram. Known for her videos that are a mix of comedy and lifestyle, Moore’s content mainly focuses on her experiences as a girl in the dating scene. Her dry sense of humor and nonchalant delivery have made her following grow rather quickly in the last couple of years. 

Moore is not afraid to make fun of herself, with her posting multiple videos breaking down questionable outfits she has worn in the past. Her most viral video has over 13 million views, and it is about things she has deemed men should not be allowed to have. 

Although more than 2,000 miles separate her and Athens, Moore remains a proud Ohio University alum. 

Originally from Worthington, Ohio, Moore arrived at OU in 2016 and graduated in 2020. While Moore was on campus, she studied communications with a minor in political science and worked at Broneys Alumni Grill.

“It was literally the best four years of my entire life,” she said. “It was so fun. I still talk about it all the time, and I go back for every homecoming. I wish I could have lived there forever.”

Moore said she chose to attend OU partly out of defiance. Her government teacher in high school was joking and said everyone who goes to OU becomes obsessed with the school and also said everyone who is from Columbus goes there.

“I was like, ‘If everyone does it, then I kind of want to do it,’” she said, laughing. “He was selling it to me even though he was saying not to go.”

She chose her major on a similar whim. 

“On a Buzzfeed article in high school, I saw they were basically saying what’s the easiest major, and it was communication,” she said. “So I was like ‘OK I want the easiest major,’ so I chose it because it was the easiest, but it ended up being so helpful in my job now.”

Moore started posting on social media right when the COVID-19 pandemic started. After an unpleasant encounter with a job recruiter regarding her social media footprint, she decided to post more regularly.

“I was about to take a 9-5 … but I didn’t want to do it honestly,” she said. “They basically found my Instagram, and they told me that I had to take everything down. I had 3,000 Instagram followers, and I was just posting like a college girl.”

Moore said they told her she had to make her account private and change her name on social media to “Rebecca.” She said she looked at LinkedIn to see the other new hires and found a lot of guys with similar social media accounts. 

“I felt like it was a little bit misogynistic,” she said. 

Moore ended up rejecting the job offer and started bartending in Columbus instead. With her extra time, she downloaded TikTok and began posting videos about her dating life as well as talking about common college experiences such as going to date parties and interacting with men in fraternities.

Moore said the response she received from her OU friends was encouraging and supportive.

“I remember feeling like everyone was excited that I was going viral,” she said.

After around a year of posting, Moore said she felt comfortable enough to leave her bartending job. Putting her communications degree to use, she began writing for Total Frat Move and moved to Nashville, Tennessee. After a year, she moved to Los Angeles at the end of 2022.

Moore said moving to LA was a big change, but she has since found her footing.

“Especially moving to LA, it was a shock in a good way,” she said. “I always thought, ‘I’m just a kid from Ohio, and I’m never going to be accepted in a place like LA.’”

Regarding her future plans, Moore is currently writing a book. The book will be a compilation of her dating stories, targeting younger women.

Moore said what she misses most about being in college is the tight-knit community that comes with going to school in a small town.

“Any time the weather was good, everyone would immediately go out and you can hop to different bars and you will know people in every single bar,” she said. “Life is not like that after college. If you want to, you have to manually see them, you can’t just run into them on the street.”

She said she is forever grateful for her time at OU as well as the people she met there.

“That’s the thing about OU – everyone actually loves it,” she said. “Athens is a different world.”


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