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Human Interest shares campus favorites

As Ohio University’s incoming class begins to make its way to campus, the Human Interest section of The Post shared some of their favorite things about OU and Athens. For incoming freshmen looking to explore what OU has to offer, here are some recommendations from writers. 

What has been your favorite part about OU's campus so far?

Ethan Herx: I love the walkability of everything and how nothing feels super far away.

Chase Borland: I love when it’s fall or spring and walking around campus is just so pretty.

Disha Hoque: My favorite part about OU’s campus is how beautiful it is just to walk around! I love taking the long way to class and finding new places to study outside when it’s warm out.

Kaylin Pickett: I love College Green.

Where is your favorite spot to grab a bite to eat?

Abby Jenkins: I will never pass up going to Jackie O's for a meal! They have a seasonal menu; my favorite thing is their burger!

Jackson McCoy: I love Bagel Street Deli.

Sophia Rooksberry: O’Betty’s!

Gabrielle Cabanes: My favorite place is Ginger Asian Kitchen.

Where is your favorite place to get coffee?

Borland: Rise ‘n’ Grind or Donkey are my favorites.

McCoy: My favorite is Donkey Coffee.

Pickett: I love Court Street Coffee.

Herx: My favorite place is Brenen’s. 

Where are the best places to take family or friends in town?

Hoque: The best place to take family and friends in town is the costume shop on Court Street and O’Betty’s!

Jenkins: I will always bring my family to Jackie O's to eat and when it's nice out, I love to sit outside at North End or Stephen's. 

Cabanes: I love bringing people to Union Street Diner.

Where are your favorite places to spend some alone time or unwind?

McCoy: I typically unwind at Donkey or Emeriti Park.

Herx: I love Emeriti Park.

Cabanes: My dorm, you should make it a comfortable space. 

What sporting events do you recommend going to and why?

Rooksberry: Football games for the Marching 110 and the intense school spirit!

Herx: Hockey! It’s so electric.

Borland: Hockey games are very underrated. It's a fun sport to begin with and we have two really good teams.

Pickett: Volleyball because it’s a fun sport and football because of the 110.

What's one thing you think everyone should do on campus?

Hoque: Everyone on campus should get coffee from a place on court street and take a walk on the bike path with their friends at least once!

McCoy: Everyone should go to a show at The Union!

Jenkins: I think everyone should get involved with a fun student organization, I've met some of my best friend through the organizations I'm in and we have a lot of fun.

What is your favorite piece of advice for this year's incoming class?

McCoy: Let yourself have fun and don’t over commit yourself; you’re a person before you’re a student or club member.

Herx: You may not find your people right away, but don’t worry, they’ll come.

Rooksberry: Try to spend as much time outdoors as you do indoors, the campus is too beautiful not to enjoy the nature and scenery.

Hoque: A piece of advice for this year’s incoming is to not rush anything! It can be overwhelming seeing so many opportunities presenting itself and so many things to get involved in, but taking time to enjoy freshman year with friends doesn’t come back. Make sure not to over schedule yourself!

Jenkins: It is an adjustment, but you'll get used to it quickly! Everyone's in the same boat, and everyone is also here to help through that adjustment. Branch out and try new things.


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