These cheap and easy makeup tutorials are sure to complete your last-minute Halloween costume.


We all have a little procrastinator in us. Now that we’re only a few days away from Halloween, you may or may not have an awesome costume to impress your friends at HallOUween. Here are some simple (and cheap) makeup tutorials you can do if you’re limited on time and cash:

El Día de los Muertos Sugar Skull

A trend that has recently taken the Internet by storm is the sugar skull. A traditional part of the Mexican holiday El Día de los Muertos, it is meant to be placed on a dead relative’s alter and eaten by a relative or friend on the holiday. Now, it’s a popular costume that can easily be put together last minute. Add a pair of black leggings, some boots, a colorful top and flowers in your hair to the makeup and you’re good to go!

What you need*:

  • White cream makeup, or very light, heavy foundation

  • Black cream makeup, eyeliner or a thick black cream stick

  • Black eyeshadow

  • Halloween color palette, or colored lip/eye liner

  • Brushes and sponges for application

  • A hairdryer to dry the makeup (if necessary)

*ALL OF THIS can be found at a chain Halloween store, or a supermarket


  1. Make sure your face is clean and your hair is pulled back.

  2. Color in the eyes with black cream makeup in a oval/circle.

  3. Let dry, and cake on black eyeshadow to make your eyes look like black holes of death.

  4. Color your face white with white cream makeup...
    ... and let dry or dry with a hairdryer.

  5. Scallop the edge of your eyes with black cream makeup and a brush.

  6. Draw the skeleton mouth by making a line from the corner of the mouth toward the ear on both sides.

  7. Add a long line from the cupid’s bow to the middle of the chin, and then add lines along the mouth line to make skeleton teeth.

  8. Make an upside down heart on your nose with black going down your septum.

  9. Add color to the scalloped edge of the eyes.

  10. Add designs like swirls, dots, hearts and other shapes to add depth to your design.

  11. Smear the sides of your neck with black cream makeup, but leave a strip of white in the middle. Add horizontal stripes, and you have a spooky scary skeleton neck!

  12. Finally, let your hair down and add some flowers, and you’re a stunning sugar skull!

Zombie with peeling skin

One of the most popular monsters in horror history is the zombie. Whether zombies are emerging from the grave or changed due to some crazy disease, they can be super scary and sure to give anyone a fright. Here is a simple, fast way to impress your friends and be the talk of Halloween.

What you need*:

  • A Halloween makeup palette with red, white and black creme makeup

  • Makeup sponges and brushes

  • Black eyeshadow/powder

  • Eyeliner or a brush for veins

  • Flesh or liquid latex (the only difference is the color when it dries)

  • Old dryer sheets and cotton balls

  • Fake blood (bought) or made**

  • Hairdryer

  • Brown powder/bronzer

  • Blood sponge

*ALL OF THIS can be bought at a chain Halloween store

**Recipe for blood (makes a lot):

2 cups light corn syrup

2 tbsp. corn starch

2 tbsp. red Rit dye

1 tbsp. black Rit dye

Mix and enjoy!


  1. Rip smaller, jagged pieces of the dryer sheet and set them aside.

  2. Apply latex to the cheek and neck, and apply pieces of the dryer sheet and the shredded cotton ball to the latex. Apply more layers of latex over the cotton and dryer sheet, and dry with a hairdryer. When the latex is no longer tacky, it is dry.

  3. Apply another thin layer of latex over the first one. Dry with a hairdryer.

  4. Apply a thin layer of white cream makeup over the face, neck and latex, for a ghastly, sickly look and let dry or dry with a hairdryer.

  5. Add black powder and cream makeup to darken the eye sockets.

  6. Contour the free cheekbone to give yourself a bony appeal.

  7. Add black powder to the lips.

  8. Add a small amount of red cream makeup over the black cheek contour, the lips and to the eyes.

  9. Add black to the insides of the latex ...

    ... and pull a small amount off the skin.

  10. Make veins by taking a thin brush and black makeup and branch out lines.

  1. Add blood with a blood sponge to the latex and around the mouth. Add small amounts of black powder to darken the blood.

  2. Finally, add a small amount of bronzer around the face to give your zombie makeup a dirty, weathered look.

Add some ripped, dirty clothes and mess up your hair, and you’re good to go!

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