Bacon causes cancer. Here are some healthy option for Halloween candy.

Although you might be trying to resist the temptation of candy corn and those even more delicious pumpkins scattered among them, the World Health Organization released a report this week that suggests you should limit yourself on another cultural delicacy: bacon.

In what might be seen as good news for farm animals, the World Health Organization, after conducting a study, labeled processed meat as a carcinogen, just like the ones in cigarettes and asbestos. A carcinogen is an agent that is linked to causing cancer.

Processed meat, you probably know, includes products like bacon, hot dogs and beef jerky.

The study linked eating processed meats to both colorectal and stomach cancer, so it looks like breakfast just got a little less delicious (or a little more guilt-inducing). Whatever you do, just make sure you wear a shirt while frying up some bacon or you might have to deal with cancer and grease burns. 

Here’s a Washington Post article on it for further reading.


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And speaking of candy, in preparation for Halloween, the folks at Business Insider’s science section surveyed 45 popular candies and compiled two lists with their findings; the 10 healthiest of the bunch and the 10 least healthy.

You can see here if your favorite treats are playing a trick on you. The healthiest include Reese’s Pumpkins, Take5 bars and Smarties, while the least healthy are Sweetarts Chews, 3 Musketeers bars and Reese’s Miniatures.

If candy isn’t your thing, you could always enjoy the apple that the one health-conscious lady down the street always passes out to trick-or-treaters. You can’t really blame her, though. Apples are delicious.