Tim Gunn guides the eight designers in a red carpet duo challenge to design for a Broadway premiere.

We have ANOTHER Finding Neverland the Musical challenge, yet, unlike the adult Project Runway, the kids don’t get to see the musical on the show’s dime. Project Runway Season 14 created red-carpet looks for the Broadway musical Finding Neverland, but many of the designers fell short in creativity and imagination all while keeping it classy. In "Race to the Red Carpet," the teenage designers prove imagination and whimsicality is possible when the former adult season seemed hopeless. 

Lead female singer Laura Michelle Kelly shows up to explain the challenge when Zach gives a shout-out to the actress, saying he loved the scene where she died. Thanks Zach for that spoiler.

Hannah Davis tells the team to create an evening wear look fit for a Broadway premiere. It’s the challenge that designers Zachary and Jaxson have been waiting for, but Maya is not convinced she can pull that one off.

Davis drops the bomb that it will be a team challenge. Two designers will create one look. Peytie has the last immunity of the season because she won the girl-on-the-go runway show. Instead of being unworried, she’s concerned with her prospective partner. She says she doesn’t want to be the one responsible for someone going home, which is so sweet and empathic.

They head to the workroom to meet up with Tim Gunn, and he announces more surprises. They only have FIVE hours to create a red carpet look, but do not fret too much, for Tim brought in “reinforcements.” Out comes Project Runway designers from past seasons to help as an extra set of hands for the teen pairs.

  • Zach and Samantha are paired with Samantha Black from Season 11.
  • Zachary and Matt are paired with Amanda Valentine from Seasons 11 and 13.
  • Maya and Peytie are paired with Fabio Costa from Season 10.
  • Jaxson and Bridget are paired with Sonjia Williams from Season 10.

The designers freak out for their new helpers. It’s so amazing that the teens know who they are and how they went on to be a success. It’s interesting to see that the former Project Runway contestants are happy to help the teams, but do not seem sad they're not actually on the chopping block.

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They all immediately get to work. There is no trip to Mood this time, so the designers are limited to the fabrics in the back of the workroom they call “Mini Mood.”

Samantha wants a suit because god forbid she makes a dress. If Zach can’t have a dress, then he will put his drama into a cape to go with Samantha’s tailored pantsuit. Zach picks a black and white print for the cape, which freaks Samantha out. She gives in as a way to show she’s able to loosen up and have fun.

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Zachary and Matt choose a red dress with cut outs between the bust line. Bridget and Jaxson are clashing more than the other pairs. Every fabric they choose is not working out, and with Bridget sick, the pressure is getting to her. Peytie and Maya choose boy shorts as their drama, but they are having serious trouble visualizing the end product with the fabric they have.

They have two and a half hours left, and Tim comes in for critique. Samantha and Zach bring back the jumpsuit, but Tim is not sure if the jumpsuit under the cape is going to be enough to wow the judges.

Matt and Zach have a lot done, but the top and bottom of the dress is disconnected. I’m not seeing a lot of Zachary in the piece, but he isn’t resenting Matt for taking the reins on his vision.

Peytie and Maya say they want to keep the look elegant and unique. The long-sleeved top is heavy, and the white skirt they have is ethereal. Tim says it looks messy, and Maya knows if that look doesn’t check out, she’s the one going home. They regroup on the fabric choice.

Jaxson says he and Bridget want edgy, but the design is anything but. Tim flat out tells them it will be in the bottom. They have a cranberry red top and peachy pink bottom. Nothing is working, and after Tim leaves, Bridget starts crying. Sonjia comes in clutch saying it is a “make-it-work moment” and crying isn’t going to do anything about it. Sonjia saves us from tears.

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It’s runway day, and Peytie and Maya decide to change their entire skirt with the hour they have. They reverse the fabric, and it’s like a new look. They are lucky they have a chance of it working. It is equivalent to throwing out an appetizer dish and starting over on a cooking show.

The model’s torso is shorter than Matt and Zachary predicted, so the cut out pieces do not look right. Matt drapes chiffon in the front and back, but it does not look good.  

The designers say goodbye to their helpers as Fabio asks for champagne in payment.

Hannah loves the jumper Peytie and Maya made. Aya Kanai says she can imagine a member of Taylor Swift’s girl squad wearing it. Christian Siriano says the buckle they created from a jewelry cuff is innovative, which is what the show is about. It’s a party, but it is also elegant. Kelly Osbourne says she sees Maya’s tailoring and Peytie’s whimsical design aesthetic, as well.

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Matt and Zachary still stand by their edgy look as the judges tear it apart. Hannah loves but hates the dress because it’s not flattering where they draped the chiffon fabric. Aya sees the ambition but says it could not be met within the time that was given. Christian says he thinks a shirt dress would have been more practical so they could have the look less busy. Kelly is surprised the look is not held up to the standards Zachary usually has for his pieces. His tailoring and talent were held back in this challenge as Matt took the reins.

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Bridget and Jaxson are inspired by the up-and-coming girl on Broadway. As if they did not know, Hannah asks how Sonjia helped them out emotionally. Bridget tells them about her mini breakdown. They worked well together toward the end once they had a set design. Hannah likes the detail on the side. Christian says he likes the 3-D pleating and tucking. Aya is intrigued with the two sides of the look. One side has next to no fabric while the other covers up the model. No one on the panel understands the design, but they don’t hate it, so that’s a plus.

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Kelly calls the cape on Samantha and Zach’s look "modern medieval magic." Christian loves the black and white cape to go with the blue pantsuit. He says it’s old Hollywood, which he understands is not completely true because old Hollywood would not have the colors and patterns in one design. 

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Both Peytie and Maya win, and they are ecstatic. They took risks, and it paid off. Peytie is now the only designer who has won two challenges. Samantha and Zach are in, and Bridget and Jaxson are also in.

The choice is between Zachary and Matt. Hannah finally tells Matt that he is out. It’s sad the lively and bodacious Matt has to go home, but having Zachary go home for not speaking up would have been an unfair trade. Matt gives his gratitude to the judges for being on the show and says that he has learned from all of them. Hannah starts crying, and Kelly is on the border of doing so, as well. He says he is happy for making such good friends and finding people who are as passionate as he is. That’s what gets me: The designers are so young, talented AND grateful to be among peers that find fashion as wondrous and addictive as they do. The eliminations sadly have to continue, but watching them is just as addictive.  

Project Runway: Junior airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.



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