Pretty Little Liars gets a new A but fails to bring excitement to viewers.

In the latest Pretty Little Liars  “The Gloves Are On,” all of the liars are freaking out. Although the last few scenes are exciting, a majority of the episode brings nothing new to the season and lacks structure.

The liars start out the episode with a spa day — except Aria (Lucy Hale). Hanna (Ashley Benson) is already complaining about how she lied to get out of it. Is anyone actually surprised lying is taking place? The real question: Why did the liars think it was a good idea to discuss a murder and deleted footage in a spa while having cucumbers resting over their eyes?  Although A has been gone for five years, the liars should know it’s better to stay on the side of caution.

And is anyone actually surprised Sara Harvey (Dre Davis) is in the other room receiving a spa treatment? (Probably hearing every word) Anyone? Probably not. Regardless, Emily (Shay Mitchell) starts freaking out and yelling at Sara Harvey to ask why she’s in Rosewood.


Then Aria is chatting with her current beau Liam (•Roberto Aguire) about her past love Ezra (Ian Harding) — except Liam doesn’t really know they had a relationship. At least it’s nice to know he’s #TeamEzra when it comes to his writing. Aria is still concerned about getting Ezra to start/finish his book.

Thankfully, something exciting happens when Lucas (Brendan Robinson) shows up in the Brew. Yes, Lucas, the creepy guy who hated Mona and loved Hanna at some point. Low-key, he’s still a little creepy but Hanna finds out he’s super successful. It’s even more exciting when Lucas asks Hanna about Caleb proposing — awkward. Despite the creepiness, shout out to Lucas for adding some flare and mystery to the episode.


Spencer is freaking out about her mom’s campaign and about her love interest — Caleb (Tyler Blackburn). Spencer (Troian Bellisario) and Caleb would make perfect sense together so them being together or her pining after him is totally not a huge deal, aside from the whole Caleb being Hanna’s high school love thing.

Emily tells more lies to her mom about college and finally she’s busted when he mom opens up her mail. Sara Harvey is nearby when Emily’s mom is freaking out about Emily lying. Emily took the lie to another level and even had a graduation photo printed for her mom, which is fake and heartbreaking.

Later Hanna decides to freak out more because the police know the security tape has been deleted. That’s when she reaches out to Lucas to be an alibi — maybe he is still falling for her because he eagerly accepts.

Hanna later shares the news with Spencer that Lucas is helping out. Spencer is all chill about that but it all flustered explaining how she had feelings for Caleb — Hanna is totally OK with it since it wasn’t like Spencer ever stole him from her or anything.

Hanna keeps bouncing back and forth from being mature and in love to dumb and in high school. She tries to get to business when snapping at Aria to get the details about what Ezra did that night. Then she starts freaking out a bit when she sees Emily injecting herself with something in the bathroom — I guess that’s a valid reason of concern.

Finally, viewers find out Emily has been injecting herself with hormones because she is donating her eggs to help a couple start a family. Emily is really happy about it and Hanna is uber supportive.

Later, Hanna is in the hot seat rather than being the shoulder to cry on. Lorenzo (Travis Winfrey) is investigating her and what happened that night. Then Lucas joins the party. While their lies aren’t great, they make it through the questioning. 

The girls are soon panicking because they think someone saw the footage. Emily then snaps at Sara Harvey for being around and “following” her. Finally, there is a bit of excitement when Ezra finally snapped at the liars for accusing him of murder. He never technically denied it though.

Spencer returns home and asks Caleb about who he thought killed Charlotte (Vanessa Ray). His mind points to Sara Harvey. Spencer reveals that Sara Harvey electrocuted her hands on the bomb the night A was revealed as Charlotte. What else happened that night that hasn’t been revealed yet?


The ending, as per usual, spins out of control:

  • Lucas gives Hanna the keys to his apartment so she can avoid dealing with her high school home. He also asks if she had anything to do with the murder. The obvious answer is no.
  • Aria is chatting with Liam about how much her editor loved Ezra’s work. What a surprise.
  • Spencer and Caleb are chatting over drinks and finally start making out on the couch. Not a surprise, but it adds a new element to the season.
  • Emily, after having a heart-to-heart with her mother, pours out her wine and continues to avoid telling her mother about the egg donation.

FINALLY something happens that every single person watching has been waiting for. It’s time to cheer because someone is taking over for Charlotte. All the liars receive a text reading “You know who did it and I’m going to make you talk," followed by the skull symbol.


The final scene shows a record player, the creepy mask modeled after Alison and the oh-so-familiar black hoodie being thrown into a trash bin. While a new A is exciting, it’s not anything viewers haven’t seen before.