What better way to watch the Super Bowl than drinking through it?

There aren’t many more ways you can be purely American than by drinking and watching football, so combine the two during Sunday’s Super Bowl. Enjoy Super Bowl 50 with this drinking game with rules for the game, halftime show and commercials.

1. Take a shot everytime Cam Newton takes a dab.

Cam Newton’s famous dab, his post-touchdown cheer, will surely occur during the Super Bowl. Everytime he does it, treat yourself to a shot.

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2. Whenever the crowd boos obnoxiously, take a drink.

Fans will get super annoyed at the referee’s calls. If you hear any sort of uproar, down some beer. Better yet, every time you see a coach get upset about a call, drink.

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3. Drink every time a player is injured and they have to call timeout.

4. Take a shot whenever an emotional commercial comes on.

During the Super Bowl, there are a number of cutesy, emotional commercials that will warm your heart. These commercials usually include a cute kid or a puppy. Taking a shot will also keep you warm.

5. Halftime Show Drinking Game

Just because the players take a break, doesn’t mean you have to. Here’s some things to drink to during the halftime show.

  • If Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, wears a T-shirt, take two shots.

  • If Beyoncé looks awesome, take shot. (Basically just take a shot when you see Beyoncé because it’s Beyoncé) If Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams join Beyoncé on the stage again, take as many drinks you want.

  • If Bruno Mars wear a hat or something sparkly, take a shot.

  • Take a drink every time you think the singers might be lip syncing.

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6. Drink every time Cam Newton and •Peyton Manning get sacked.

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7. Every time the camera focuses on a fan doing something crazy, take a drink.

If you see a fan taking his shirt off, dancing or is extremely enthusiastic, take a drink. This depends on your definition of crazy, so decide for yourself whether it’s worth taking a drink.

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8. Any time someone scores an impressive touchdown, take a shot.

If a player runs 40 yards or jumps over somebody to make a touchdown, drink up.

9. If the cameras show Eli Manning, drink.

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10. Take a shot if the game comes down to the last play.

Four out of the last five Super Bowls have had close scores down to the last play, according to CBS Sports. If the teams are tied or if one is narrowly winning, take a drink on the last play.

11. Chug a bottle if the game goes into overtime.

No Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime, according to The New York Post. So if this becomes the first, go ahead and chug.

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12. If your team loses, take a drink. If you aren’t rooting for a particular team, take a drink anyway.

Recover from your favorite team’s loss with a drink or two. With the way you’ve been drinking, maybe you won’t remember anyway. If your team wins, celebrate with a little dance.

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