Brown E's anyone?

April 1 is the day everyone collectively has agreed to spend pestering their friends with pranks.

April Fool’s Day is probably not your favorite holiday, but if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. Here are five excellent prank ideas to get your friends with:

1. The cheesy, but funny prank

Good friends do nice things for one another. One thing you could do to brighten your friend’s day is to make them brownies. I bet they’d love that. You tell them there’s a fresh batch waiting in the kitchen covered in tin foil to keep them warm. As they hastily uncover the tin foil, eager for a treat, they’re met with a surprise.

They’re quite literally brown E’s. You’ll get a hearty chuckle out of it and they’ll promptly hate you for the rest of the day. You did it!


2. The over-the-top prank

For the extreme pranksters out there, nothing says happy April Fools' Day like an explosion from a ketchup bomb in your roommate's face. The simple but devastating prank requires only three ingredients — a bottle of ketchup, baking soda and no conscience. After adding the baking soda to the bottle of ketchup, return the bottle to the fridge and wait for someone to shake it. The lid will fly off in a flurry of red chaos and your roommate will be covered. Check out the entire list of instructions here.

3 The bathroom surprise prank

If you’re feeling a little less destructive but still want to give your friends a good scare, get a pack of Pop-Its and some tape. If you don’t remember what Pop-Its are, they’re those little (beads?) that make a loud cracking sound when you throw them on the ground.

The next step is simple. Tape them to the bottom of a toilet seat and gently lay the seat back down. The next person sitting down will jump right back up.


4. The heart-stopping prank

Everyone lives in fear of spilling something on their laptop, tablet or any electronic device. April Fool’s Day is a better time than not to make a nightmare come alive for your friend. Get some glue and spread it out on a glass cutting board. Try to smooth it out so it looks like it splattered.

After it dries, carefully remove it from the cutting board and set it on your friend’s laptop with a glass beside it. After he’s done having a heart attack, you two will probably have a good laugh. Probably.


5. The classic The Office prank

Fans of The Office instantly will remember this prank, and that’s because it is pure gold. Plus, it’s incredibly easy. Simply put one of your friend’s necessities such as his or her car keys and add it to a bowl along with two packets of Jell-O and water. It will instantly be a great prank for any friends who are aspiring Jim Halperts.