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Come take the stage at Casa Nueva's open stage every Wednesday from 8-11pm with no sign-ups needed! Video Filmed by: Jude Hannahs, Joshua Brogden, Owen McDermott Video Edited by: Logan Jeffries Visit our website: Find us on social media: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook:


How Hot Does Bentley Hall Get?

Bentley Hall is said to be one of the hottest places on campus. According to a previous Post report, Bentley Hall, located at 4 President St., has been experiencing higher temperatures as a result of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, or HVAC, complications. Multimedia reporter Ryan Schwieger took to the street to find out what students had to say about the heat in Bentley Hall. Schwieger also took it upon himself to put the heat to the test. Stay tuned to see what he found...DISCLAIMER: This video is a satirical piece that does not reflect the views of The Post. This video is not intended to provide facts or legitimate information. For the full factual news report on rising temperatures in Bentley Hall, click here: by: Ryan SchwiegerVisit our website:  Find us on social media: Instagram: X: Facebook:

Voices on Court: National Coffee Day 2023

September 29th is National Coffee Day! To celebrate, reporter Ellie Metzler took to Court Street to find out what the "Voices on Court" had to say about their favorite coffee shops and drinks. Video by: Ellie Metzler, Julia Parente, Jenna Skidmore Visit our website:  Find us on social media: Instagram:  X:  Facebook:

The Post TV: Season 2, Episode 3

This week on The Post TV, we take a look at Brick City Deli "OTG" versus Brick City Deli at Jefferson Marketplace. We also hear from some multimedia posties about why they choose to join The Post, and what keeps them coming back. Andrew sits down with Andrea Lewis, Director of Student Media, for an exclusive Post TV interview and Ryan investigates if Bentley Hall is really "that hot." Producer: Cole Patterson Hosts: Chase Borland & Owen McDermott Sideshow Hosts: Andrew Bowlby & Ellie Metzler Master Editors: Logan Jeffries & Andrew Bowlby Supplemental Editors: Ranjini Shank, Lilly Marinski, Elijah Cordle Cameraman: Jack Beeler Visit our website:  Find us on social media: Instagram:  X:  Facebook:

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