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Hope for Humanity: Rape culture exists whether we notice it or not

“(P)lease drop the ‘rape culture’ label because it’s an ugly label that our campus doesn’t deserve. At the very least, back up the use of this term with some evidence and convince me that our campus is as dangerous as these letters make it out to be,” Ohio Universty Senior Seth Miller asked in a letter published in Monday’s Post. On Wednesday, OU Senior Molly Risola responded, arguing that the events of Homecoming Weekend illustrated campus’ rape culture to her: “Ohio University is known for our community-based and family-like student body, yet … (s)tudents immediately jumped to slut-shaming, survivor-blaming, refusal to take rape accusations seriously.” Although Risola clarifies many aspects of the term “rape culture” about which Miller seems confused, I think there is still more to be said about this letter, as well as the wider misunderstanding of human rights, I feel, it represents.

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Party Lines: Obama should focus on policy over party

If you watched the State of the Union on Tuesday night, you would have seen a glimmer of 2008’s optimistic and cool Sen. Barack Obama mixed with 2014’s tired, greying and almost out-of-hope President Obama, who wants — or at least should want — to regain his popularity, credibility and ability to lead the nation forward.

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Beauty and the Bobcat: A tutorial for the tricky curling wand

Curling wands have become increasingly popular during the past year and I’ve heard from a few of my readers that they haven’t quite mastered the new hair tool. Everyone has different methods of styling hair, but for the beauty ’Cats who asked for my advice (and anyone else who may be curious), here is how I personally style my hair using a curling wand.

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Column: Palin's comment ensures politics stay stupid

This is a column about politics — mostly national, because it was decided that as local editor of The Post, perhaps I shouldn’t take opinions on the happenings of Athens City Council or Athens County Sheriff Pat Kelly’s office.

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Hope For Humanity: Addressing OU's rape culture should be a priority for Board of Trustees

Just before concluding Nov. 1’s Board of Trustees meeting, Ohio University President Roderick McDavis, Vice President for Student Affairs Ryan Lombardi and General Counsel John Biancamano presented to the board members about Homecoming Weekend’s Court Street incident. According to the minutes, “a discussion ensued.” This “discussion”—the only public record implying that the Board of Trustees has at all considered the issue of rape culture on OU’s campus—lasted approximately 10 minutes.

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