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Post Column: Soured Jackie O's ale is ambitious, complex

These past few weeks, we’ve told you about Jackie O’s Razz Wheat, Bell’s Hopslam, and Left Handed Milk Stout. We like Razz Wheat, love Hopslam, and really like Milk Stout. Today, we’re going to tell you all about a beer that is, with no exaggeration, divine. It is near perfect.

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Post Column: Biggest tip for fishing newbies: go fish more

As I talk to more and more people about fishing, I encounter more and more people who enjoy fishing, but don’t seem to have the motivation to improve their skills. They aren’t catching many fish, which discourages them to “fish harder.”

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Post Column: Baseball's 'luxury tax' keeps rich teams rich

The world of professional sports is no exception to having various rules and regulations of its own. Certain rules and regulations fall far short of achieving their intended purposes. The luxury tax imposed in professional sports certainly belongs in this category.

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Post Column: Facebook 'cool' factor is almost nonexistent for its real-life users

I am writing this after finishing watching The Social Network for the fifth time, pondering the numerous times in the movie they associate Facebook with the word “cool.” Don’t get me wrong; I’m one of those people who would be dying of boredom at my desk, and with the intention of checking Yahoo! Answers for my symptoms, I’d end up on Facebook trolling through pictures of some friend of some friend of some girl’s white trash wedding photos, just like everyone else.

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Post Column: Female Fox News writer spews misogyny

It’s been a good few months now since I reviewed an article by Fox News contributor, antifeminist critic and recently defrosted cavewoman Suzanne Venker entitled “The War On Men.” I was very happy with the way my response column turned out, and I’d like to think that I kept my criticisms fair and polite. One moment… my editor is sternly informing me that the phrase “cretinous, pustulant hell-beast” was deleted 47 times from my rough draft. I meant that in the best possible way, Joe!

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Post Column: Milk Stout's distinct flavor makes it a great way to end the night

This week, this column is taking a darker turn. In the past two weeks we’ve gotten sweet on Razz Wheat and gotten knocked back by Hopslam. But maybe you don’t like fruit beers, or maybe you don’t like hop-heavy flavors. So today we’ll review a beer from the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s darker than Guinness and it tastes better, too. You might think Guinness is the king of dark beers, but it’s quickly dethroned once you’ve tasted this beer. Today we’re going to tell you all about Left Hand Brewing Co.’s Milk Stout.

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Post Column: Shifting Tides: Sibling relations dramatically change

In the rush of life, it’s simple to forget how dynamic our relationships with our siblings are. Remember building forts together on Saturdays, or talking about topics like family issues and the anticipation of Christmas morning? Topics discussed between siblings weren’t typically the same ones you conversed about with friends during childhood adventures.

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BedPost: To figure out if he's into you, talk it out

I met this guy the other day. He and I have been hanging out every day. I have had my fair share of relationships like this, where we hang out, make out and sometimes do more. It all seems good for a few weeks/ months but eventually fizzles out, usually because they “don’t want to be serious.” How can I tell if he wants to be serious? I know it is too soon for either of us to be thinking about a relationship, but I like him a lot. What signs should I look for if I want to know if he is into me for more than just hook-ups?

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