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Transparency trouble might mar Obama's presidential legacy

From “it’s an ongoing investigation” to “that’s classified” to “it would be a threat to national security to tell you that” to citing “executive privilege,” government bodies — from the White House to the Athens Police Department — often don’t want information to be public. And typically there’s a good reason (for example, the Athens City School District this week did not want The Post to publish the location students are escorted to when there’s a bomb threat because officials worried it could compromise student safety).

The Post

Everyday Wellness: Avoiding junk-food habits is deceptively simple

Do you raid the refrigerator or pantry for sustenance and end up consuming junk food?  I get it — you’re tired, definitely not in the mood to cook and just want something quick that will satisfy your hunger cravings. What’s the big deal? Well, if the snack is primarily empty calories (processed foods or high-fat, high-sugar items), such routine behavior can be a main reason you haven’t yet achieved that coveted summer physique.

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Everyday Wellness: Mindfulness meditation may help relieve stress

Stress is common in college and beyond. Thinking about obligations associated with school, work and home is in theory a good thing — after all, not meeting deadlines does in fact negatively affect one’s grades, job status, etc. But the omnipresence of goals, tasks and accountabilities can be unsettling, often snowballing into unnecessary and unwanted anxiety. It is the unavoidable aspect of mental processing that makes worries so parasitic, potentially rendering you incapable of enjoying life because you are overwhelmed by the stressors in it. 

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Gamer Girl: Website lets users donate to charity when buying games

I hate how expensive video games are. Trust me, I dish out the cash for my favorites, but sometimes I just can’t justify the $60 price tag for brand new games. I appreciate everything that goes into them to make them cost that much, but it breaks my broke college-kid heart to have to pass on some games I lust over.

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Throwback Thursday: Greek life, '80s style

As this year’s Greek Week wraps up, our Throwback Thursday takes us back to another important event for greek life organizations on campuses throughout the country: rush week.

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