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Sharp Left Ahead: With high tuition, students deserve say in the pay

With the quarter almost over, I was saying some small goodbyes to the teachers and students I had met in my Religious Beliefs class and discussed briefly whether a few of us atheists thought morality is socially constructed or if it is evolutionary (the usual conversation piece).

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That's a Difference of Anatomy: No one gender should be considered superior

For years, there has been an obvious discrepancy between men’s and women’s rights. There were laws prohibiting women’s voting, right to education, legal rights and other such atrocities, but I wonder if now the pendulum of equality has crossed — once more — beyond the center divide.

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Face the Facts: Some required classes don't add up for all majors

Winter Quarter has finally come to an end. Yet for some reason I have some of the lowest grades I’ve had in years. But granted, I’m not literally failing every class, I was inspired to take a closer look at the classes I’ve been sitting in for the past 10 weeks. Guess how many actually pertained to my major? One.

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Between the Lines: Unrestrained democracy exudes no justice, liberty

Americans consistently and greatly exaggerate the value and benefit of democracy. It must be admitted the worst tendency in democracy is that it destroys the conception of a private realm wherein political and social power cannot intervene without committing a great injustice.

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