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Kill 'Em With Kindness: Optimism key to surviving tough times

Last Wednesday my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer, for the third time. They said she is now in stage four. Upon hearing this, my first reaction was to think of how bad this really is. Could her years really be numbered? My second reaction was reminiscing about her.

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Let's Be Unreasonable Here: Basketball: A game of ducks, knickerbockers

Bombay Sapphire Gin, a dash of blue Curacao, tonic, an olive, a slice of orange garnish and a New York bar, and, ta-da! You have the Lintini! Yes, it’s “Linsanity” high time across all of New York and much of the world as the basketball sensation Jeremy Lin sweeps the sports stage, transforming himself from a virtual unknown dumped by both Golden State and Houston to the New York Knicks superstar.

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Let's Be Unreasonable Here: Underwear's history much dirtier than we think

Batman, Superman, SpongeBob SquarePants, Homer Simpson, Darth Vader — these are household faces on underwear garments that hang in store clothing departments like colorful flags. But as Valentine’s Day rolls around, these friendly clothing caricatures are replaced with pink and red heart undergarments.

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Kill 'Em With Kindess: Adjustment needed after leaving hometown friends

During the weekend, I ventured back home and saw The Woman in Black. Not only was it one of the top three scariest movies I have ever seen, but also I started crying in the middle because I was so scared. Luckily, I was with four of my awesome girlfriends from home, so I wasn’t really embarrassed as much as I was terrified. After the movie we said our goodbyes and drove our separate ways, uncertain of when we will all be together again.

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That's a difference of anatomy: Have fun with dating while you're still young

Once upon a time, in an era long since forgotten (alright, it was just a few years ago in a generation inhabited by our parents), men and women casually dated multiple partners at once. They were foot-loose and fancy-free, and they lived a life of carefree bliss before finally deciding upon “the one.”

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The World Spins Madly On: Current lifestyles take a heavy toll on our planet

Although we are privileged in many ways to live in such an exciting time, we are also held accountable for many horrible things that take away from our world’s beauty. In a state of oblivion, we are wasting resources and ruining our environment. We are destroying not only our own living standards, but also the standards of millions of plants and animals with whom we share this earth.

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