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Post Column: Rules in volleyball, football are most complex

I have a theory that the more complicated the sport, the more popular it is at Ohio University. I developed this theory while watching a volleyball game, which turned out to be a lot more elaborate than I expected. I was struggling to keep track of all the points, which were tallying up quickly, when suddenly the scoreboard reset and instead of 25 points, we had only one. That’s when I learned what a set was.

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Post Column: Cooking can be fun when playing games

It’s been five weeks and cooking has lost its excitement. It has become something I just have to do in order to survive. I decided to bring back the excitement in the kitchen and create my own cooking game show.

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Post Column: 'Bagel heads' newest inexplicable trend

Most of us are familiar with our bagels: blueberry bagels, chocolate bagels … but saline bagels? If you’ve already been visually scarred by the photos running rampant on Facebook, then you’re familiar with the Asian trend that has people around the Western Hemisphere cringing in horror.

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Post Column: Zumba is a terrible experience for newbies

Zumba was one of the worst experiences of my life. I know, the abrupt start seems unprofessional, but it was better than my original column idea of just repeating “Zumba sucks” for 500 words like an even more deranged Jack Nicholson from The Shining.

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Post Column: Four-ingredient meal is first real success

It was Sunday afternoon and I was hungry. I was sick of eating ravioli and baked potatoes. I no longer was craving pancakes and other quick meals. I couldn’t take it anymore — I needed real food, but I didn’t know what to make.

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Color Me Cultured: Pawpaw Festival was more than just fruit

I might not be culturally refined, but ever since I started this column, I had an idea of what I would be getting into when I got involved in a cultural experience. When I did yoga, I knew what yoga was. When I attended a bluegrass concert, I was aware of the concept of music. When I ate at the Mediterranean restaurant Salaam, I knew about the country of Mediterria. I am uncultured, not stupid.

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Humor counters spectating inexperience

This summer I took a friend of mine to one of her first concerts, and while I was having a perfectly wonderful time enjoying one of my favorite pastimes, she was having a bit of trouble.

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Choosing a potluck dish is harder than cooking it

A potluck is perhaps the greatest thing ever invented for a broke college kid. The concept is simple: In exchange for bringing one food item to feed a group, you get to eat a variety of foods from everyone else.

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Post Column: Attic stowaway had bad approach to romance

Let me just start by saying, if you ever feel like your life is a culmination of awkward, bizarre events you can’t escape: You’re not alone. Whenever I’m having a bad day or I feel as though my life is a living rendition of Alanis Morissette’s “Ironic,” I find myself stumbling through the only news that makes me feel better: The Huffington Post’s “Weird News.” 

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