"I don't know much about that actually." Briana Staples, a freshman studying psychology (MATT STARKEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

"I don't agree with it. It's bad for the environment and everything." Sarah Mitchell, a freshman studying special education (MATT STARKEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

"It's definitely unnatural. We should leave everything the way it is in nature. Doing things against the way they are done in nature isn't really cool." Jessica Koynock, a sophomore studying interactive graphic design (MATT STARKEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

"I don't know too much to be honest, but I would not approve." Allison Haas, a sophomore studying commercial photography (MATT STARKEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

"I don't like fracking at all. I also think promoting natural gas and fracking is destructive to the environment because of how it poisons the water supply and runwater. And that has a real adverse affect on like any people who live in the area or drink off that water supply." Devon Monroe, a freshman studying integrated media (MATT STARKEY | STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER)

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