The only adjective I can use to describe this week is “hot.” Happy mid-June! Here is a look back at some of the sweetest, most fun headlines this week.

1. Kentucky Fried Chicken is going to send a chicken sandwich to the edge of space

No, I’m not kidding. The world has advanced so much that we are literally sending fast-food to the edge of the atmosphere using a high-altitude balloon. KFC plans to launch the chicken sandwich next week, the Associated Press reported, after a previous ad had promised to send a breaded chicken sandwich into space.

2. This tiny cat is the bravest cat in the whole world 

Baggy, the little cat, was brave enough to go up against the lion, Noey, Mashable reported. The owner was shocked and his commentary is honestly great. I am proud of Baggy.

3. A hospital is holding graduation ceremonies for babies leaving the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)

CaroMont Regional Medical Center in Gastonia, North Carolina, has been celebrating when babies who were born six weeks or more premature get to leave the NICU, BuzzFeed reported.

"Leaving the NICU can be joyful but also scary and nerve-wracking, so this was our way of bringing a little normalcy to taking the baby home," neonatal nurse Melissa Jordan told BuzzFeed.

Each baby gets their own personalized graduation cap, and it will make your heart melt.

4. The newest police recruits are here, and they’re adorable 

The New Taipei Police Department in Taiwan's K-9 Unit announced it will be adding six 1-month-old American Labrador puppies to its team. The pups will be trained to become detection dogs, BuzzFeed reported, and they’re already starting to become familiar with the scent of narcotics.

What talented and amazing lil pups.

5. One man made a machine to sort the 4,400 pounds of LEGO bricks he accidentally bought

Jacques Mattheij woke up one morning to find two tons of LEGO bricks waiting for him after he had bid on bulks of them on eBay. He realized bricks sorted into sets often sell for more money than unsorted bricks, so he decided to build his very own sorting machine, according to a Mental Floss story.

“In an email interview, Mattheij told Mental Floss that the system currently sorts LEGO bricks into more than 50 categories,” the story said. “It can also be run in a color-sorting mode to bin the parts across 12 color groups.”

Mattheij truly followed Bob Ross’ words: “We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents.”

See any fun news during the week? Let Maddie know by shooting her an email or a tweet.


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