The sixth episode of The Walking Dead brings the gang back together and shows there are more dangers out there.

Wow. This season has been on a never-ending, gut-wrenching roller coaster.

First the zombie horde, then the Wolves, then Glenn (Steven Yeun) and now Daryl (Norman Reedus). I don’t know if Greg Nicotero is trying to give us a heart attack or what.

Despite all the action, the sixth season of The Walking Dead has really shown the power and complexity of the human mind. We have seen the lasting mental turmoil placed on Nicholas (Michael Traynor) that caused him to shoot himself and the almost cult-like brainwashing of the Alexandrians into thinking that everything is safe and dandy.

A show like this only comes around every 15 or so years and is definitely something everyone should be watching.

Here’s the recap of “Always Accountable”:

Daryl, Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) have finally gotten to the 20-mile marker that was originally set to disperse the herd. When they arrive, a group ambushes them and starts shooting wildly at them. They peek out of their cars and fire back. Daryl crashes his bike and is separated from the rest of them. Sasha and Abraham then crash their car and turn out of it, guns blazing, like some James Bond movie. They kill all their attackers and run away when they hear more coming. Lots of blood, lots of shooting.

Daryl gets away from the attackers and walks his bike through a California-style, burnt forest littered with dead walkers everywhere. He tries to contact Abraham and Sasha, but is unsuccessful. He suddenly hears a noise nearby and goes to investigate. He hides his bike and finds two girls with their hands up. When he starts talking to them, he gets conked over the head and…

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Daryl is going in and out of consciousness and hears the people talking around the fire. They think he is some soldier from an outpost coming to get them, when in reality the soldiers were coming to get Daryl. Scary times will make you do stupid things. In the morning, the man called D wakes Daryl up with a gun in his face. Daryl tries to tell them that he’s a benign soul, but they don’t believe him. They continue marching him through the woods, hands tied. D talks about how he’s not returning to the community they were in before. They make a plan to find their friend Patty. D explains to Daryl how they burned the entire forest down with oil from the back of a truck and killed a whole bunch of walkers. As D is telling Daryl that nice story, Daryl yells at him to let him go, but he refuses.

The clan arrives at some company where Patty supposedly was. The area is filled with walkers and the three chums are distraught that she may not be there anymore. Tina, the younger one, faints. Daryl grabs the duffel bag with all his stuff and books it. When Daryl is in the clear, he grabs his crossbow to shoot a walker coming his way. When he looks down into the bag, he realizes that there is a cooler that says “insulin” on it. He then realizes that fainting Tina is a diabetic, and he just stole her life force.



Sasha and Abraham guess that the people who attacked them were looking for someone else. They decide not to look for Daryl, but rather have him come find them. Sasha says he’s a tracker, and it would be easier for him to find them. They find an insurance company building and decide to make that home. Sasha writes “Dixon” on the door. Abraham takes out his rambo knife to kill a walker down the street, but Sasha tells him no. They don’t want the attackers knowing where they are.

They enter the building, and Abraham sees an old military dress uniform. He looks sad, as if he misses his old life in the military. The building is clear except for a walker inside of a glass conference room and that door is locked. Sasha tries to sleep and asks Abraham if he wants to take watch. He does. Later, he tells Sasha he wants to kill the walker in the conference room. She tells Abraham that he has choices to make, and he’s accountable for them. She tells him he’s reckless (which he is). He disregards her and decides to stand watch all night.

Daryl decides to return the insulin, but makes D hand over his gun and the wooden figure he carved. While they are talking, a truck full of men comes into the woods. Wade (Darin Cooper) tells D to return what he stole, which happen to be Tina (Liz E. Morgan) and Sherry (Christine Evangelista), not the insulin. Daryl gives D his gun back and helps them escape. Daryl gets one of the men to run in the path of a walker, and the walker bites him. He yells out that he’s been bitten, and Wade hacks off his arm with a machete. Gnarly. The search is called off, and they’re safe once more.

The next day, Abraham is meandering about when he goes to the roof. He finds a military truck with some rocket-propelled grenades and good ol’ Cuban cigars in it. He notices an army walker has fallen and gotten stuck on a fence hanging over the building, with the rocket launcher strapped to its back. He climbs up onto the dangling fence to try to get the rocket launcher. He finds himself fighting face-to-face with the walker in some kind of daze. The walker bites at him and he climbs down. He goes back to smoke a cigar, and the rotted shoulder of the walker starts to rip open through the pole it was impaled on. The walker falls and leaves the rocket launcher dangling by its strap on the pole, and Abraham realizes he was reckless.

He brings the launcher back to the office and tells Sasha he is reckless. He is happy she called him out on his bullshit and tells her he wants to get to know her better. Hmm … a little more romance stirring up in the zombie world?

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Daryl and the stupid nomads come across a greenhouse in the woods. Tina recognizes the two people and says she used to watch them. She goes to lay flowers at their sides, but they awaken and break out of the melted glass around them and kill her. Daryl runs and kills the walkers. RIP Tina.

Daryl and D dig a grave for Tina. Daryl asks D the typical Rick questions, like how many walkers and people he’s killed. He says he hasn’t killed people but has killed a couple dozen walkers (Where the hell have you been dude?! Rick has killed over 1,000 walkers). Nevertheless, Daryl is satisfied and asks D to come to Alexandria. He brings them to his motorcycle and explains to them what’s going on. D cocks his gun at Daryl and tells him to give him the crossbow and the cycle. D and Sherry get on the bike and take off. Daryl is left with the lame statue D gave him, and he tells them they will regret that they did this.

Daryl, now helpless and weaponless, meanders into the woods. He sees a fuel truck with the license plate “Patty,” kills the walker in the front, and goes to find Abraham and Sasha.

Abraham and Sasha are in the office when they hear a loud truck outside. They see it’s Daryl, and go to join him. While they are riding back home, a voice comes through Daryl’s walkie that only says “Help.” They race off on the road to Alexandria.

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First things first: WHO THE HECK SAID HELP?!?!? Glenn has a radio, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) has a radio and so do a few others in Alexandria. There was nothing about Glenn in the credits to allude to who said it, but The Walking Dead likes to keep viewers anxious and on their toes. And what is going to happen with the new group and Wade? Are they the evil Saviors from the comics, or someone else? There are only two episodes left before the show goes on its winter break and comes back in February. What will happen next? Stay tuned.

Rating: 4/5


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