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Q&A: Ohio alumnus, NFL player brings reggae to Athens

Co-creator of the Island Heat Caribbean Music Festival Landon Cohen, former OU football player and a defensive tackle for the Detroit Lions, talked to The Post's Gina Edwards about the Island Heat Caribbean Music Festival, coming back to Athens and the afterparty.

The Post: How did the idea for this festival come about?

Landon Cohen: We were talking one day about how Athens has a great music scene, but there wasn't a reggae scene. We wanted to do something they've never seen before.

Post: Why did you guys choose to have the festival in Athens?

Cohen: I went to so many different music concerts when I went to college here. This school just has so much to offer for music.

Post: What do you think the turnout will be like?

Cohen: With this Caribbean and reggae music, there are a lot of feel-good vibes. It's a thing for everyone - not just black people or white people. A lot of people can enjoy it.

Post: Why did you decide to bring in NFL players to the event?

Cohen: I know a lot of guys that love reggae music. So I thought, 'Why don't I bring down some of my guys to hear the music?'

Post: Will attendees be able to meet the players?

Cohen: They will be at a VIP party there. There are special tickets that you can purchase to get you in to that part of the show.

Post: What about the barbecue that's going on?

Cohen: You can bring your own stuff to grill and drink. There will also be vendors there selling food.

Post: Is anything going on once the shows are over?

Cohen: There's an after-party at 19 South. They have a downstairs area where the lighting is perfect. We want to turn it into a big city atmosphere.

Post: Is there anything that you would like to add?

Cohen: This event is really monumental - ten hours of great artists who have been all over the world. I encourage everyone to come out and see talent. I want everyone to come together, listen to the music and feel the island heat.

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