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Bent on Boys: Most boys of a feather flock to get 'her'

Note: This is part one of a two-part series on college stereotypes. Next week’s column will feature female stereotypes.

If you were to generalize the college student population of both genders into four fundamental stereotypes, I do not think it would be a horrible or inaccurate representation.

For guys, I chose to break them down into The Hipster, The Jock, The Frat Bro and The All-American Boy.

Have no fear, I took the liberty of interviewing your fellow peers, who I thought projected these stereotypes, and asked them all the same questions.

Q: What are the top three things you like/look for in a companion (one physical attribute, one emotional or personality trait, and one miscellaneous characteristic) and who is your ideal celebrity companion?

The Hipster:

A: Hair and eyes; balance of intelligence and a good sense of humor; knows how to dress cute without trying too hard or looking slutty (i.e. North Face, Ugg, booty-short combos are excluded); Anne Hathaway/Zooey Deschanel hybrid

Though he is drawn in by simple physical attributes, they are not the most important or deciding factor for this sweet and sensitive stereotype. He wants a girl that he can connect with and fit into his life comfortably. This Hipster just wants his girl to be able to rock a T-shirt, jeans and some cool shades while looking adorable, without feeling the need to exude promiscuity.

The Jock:

A: Boobs; outgoing and open to life; nice smile; Tyra Banks/Sandra Bullock/Halle Berry hybrid

He is easily and naturally persuaded by classic female features, but he still wants a girl who he can have fun with in any situation. This stereotype appreciates the fellow women that surround him and can come off as a bit of a “player.” However, deep down this Jock is waiting to find his visually pleasing and fun-loving companion.

The Frat Bro:

A: Package Deal (i.e. good body, good face, good everything); chill (i.e. goes with the flow and doesn’t worry); knows what she is talking about when watching sports/actually watches sports; Mila Kunis

Ideally, he wants his girl to be a knockout on the outside and a closeted “bro” on the inside. This way, she can hang with him and his guys and still hold her own and not demand too much attention. This Frat Bro can easily decipher the physical aspects of the women he encounters, but if you want to win his heart for good, you need to do more than simply catch his eye.

The All-American Boy:

A: Eyes and smile; loyalty in life, wittiness in conversation; fitness level (this shows a lot about their character and motivation); Emmy Rossum/Kate Beckinsale hybrid

He wants a classic girl to compliment his classic self. His girl should be sweet and simple, yet aesthetically striking in some way, with a strong backbone to support him when he needs it most. This All-American Boy needs a conversation companion that makes him laugh, smile and possess the effortless beauty that fails to fade away when the makeup comes off at the gym.

Now, I know there are far more types, categories and combinations that everyone can be identified with. Regardless, these are the most prominent physical stereotypes for males I have observed and encountered at Ohio University.

Bentley Weisel is a freshman studying magazine journalism and a columnist for The Post. Who’s your celebrity? Email Bentley at

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