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Leaps and Bounds: True adventurers must have heart to take the jump

Life is always an adventure, isn’t it? The question is: Are you a risk-taker?

If you are, then you should go to Las Vegas. When it comes to Las Vegas, gambling always seems to be the first thing that comes to most people’s minds. Certainly, gambling is one of the more risky activities.

However, I intend to introduce something else other than gambling in Las Vegas — Sky Jump at Stratosphere Tower.

Have you ever imagined flying in the sky? Have you tried Sky Jump? Have you tried to jump from 1,149 feet? Are you up for the big jump?

If so, then do not waste any more time waiting; what you need to do is go directly pack for yourself and begin your trip to Las Vegas.

Stratosphere Tower, the city’s tallest building, has opened Sky Jump in Las Vegas. Nowadays, the Stratosphere Tower can be the landmark in Las Vegas because it is the tallest observation tower in the U.S., at 1,149 feet.

The observation deck on the top provides the Sky Jump. This Sky Jump is different from other ordinary ones. For this one, the adventurer has to be standing on an additional deck, which is outside and connected to the building.

Below the deck, you can see the traffic on the ground. When I first visited there, I felt as if it were a game for the brave at heart. I did not try it.              

I’m not that brave, but I do admire the people who stand on the deck. The most fearful moment is not the one when you are falling down to the earth;, it is the moment you stand on the starting point and prepare yourself to jump off.

It’s an incredible challenge for people who need to face the open but real world at that height.

Although I did not try it, I saw the whole process of how people get started until they jumped. First, an employee helps you with all safety precautions before you jump. Apparently, the safety precautions are only several safety belts that support your body.

It looks dangerous, but the safety belts are strong and tight enough to hold your body up.

Next, you need to walk step by step from inside to outside. What I have observed is most people will do this several times, taking deep breaths when they are standing up on the deck.

Most people hesitate to jump off for several seconds. People had various reactions at the starting point, which is very interesting.

One man I saw was shaking when he was preparing to jump. He stood on the deck for a while. He was too afraid to face his body toward the outside. At last, he turned toward the outside and jumped.

Compared with him, I saw a girl jump off without too much hesitation.    

After the jump, you will hear a loud scream ’til it disappears into the sky. Even as a bystander, I became very excited when I heard their screams.

Do you have true heart? Then, just do it!

Yun Ye is a junior studying journalism and a columnist for The Post. If you’ve taken the leap, tell her about it at

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