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Big Shot Barker: No rhyme or reason for Rimes to gab about affair

I try not to throw the word “hate” around, but just because I try not to use the word doesn’t mean I can’t use a similar and less offensive term: dislike — entirely.

I am sorry, but I just really cannot stand LeAnn Rimes. I might be the only person in the world who thinks this way, but I just can’t warm up to this country songstress.

Rimes was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to talk about the “lies” that have been told about her relationship with husband Eddie Cibrian.


I love Ellen DeGeneres because she always gives people the benefit of the doubt and all that good stuff, but I could tell that during the interview she wasn’t too fond of Rimes either.

Call it body language or just a “vibe,” but Ms. Degeneres was not buying the excuses of Rimes, at least not in my biased mind.

Rimes kept babbling on about how she is in a better place, and “at the end of the day, it’s definitely been hard to see tons of lies written about a situation that people don’t necessarily know the truth.”


People don’t know the truth about your cheating and divorce. To be honest, I don’t think too many people really care about your relationship with Cibrian, but for goodness’ sake, stop parading around town as if you have nothing to be sorry about.

Just be honest: You cheated on your husband with another married man, and you got divorced to marry the other guy.


I guess I am being a little mean and probably ignorant. Sure, life does not have black and white answers, and sometimes we all do things that hurt others.

I get it.

They love each other, and I am sure everyone is at peace or getting there. But it still makes me want to barf.

I am so sick of reading about her going on yet another vacation with her new hubby and showing major public displays of affection. I understand they are celebrities and have cash to throw around, but really?

I don’t know how many more pictures I can handle of LeAnn in another skimpy bikini running on the beach with Cibrian. Maybe it’s jealousy, but probably not.

There is one thing I can respect Rimes for saying: “Obviously, we made decisions that were not necessarily the right ones, but it obviously brought us to the place where we are now. ... We took the kids into consideration with everything that we do.”

OK, maybe I will forgive you, LeAnn.

I know we have never met and you probably have no need or want to ever know my opinion, but I enjoy being a critic, so bear with me.

On another note, I enjoyed seeing Eddie Cibrian’s ex-wife on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Her entrance was priceless. I can’t say the same thing about her divorce from Cibrian.

Ah, the price of love ... and LeAnn’s breast augmentation.


Hallie Gebel is a sophomore studying broadcast journalism and a columnist for The Post. Tell her what other Hollywood affairs make you barf at


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