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The BedPost: Safety concerns should overrule insecurity about condom choice

I don’t like how male condoms feel. Is it weird if I carry around female condoms


No. Not “weird.” Not when it comes to sex. Less common? Yes, but you took the time to figure out what you like and you should do it.

Because you mention using both male and female condoms, I am going to treat this as a heterosexual intercourse question.

It is smart of you to carry around your own condoms — everyone should. To me, this also means that you may be having sex with people that you have known for a shorter period of time and who may not know about your condom preferences.

Because of that and because your partner might not be familiar with female condoms, you need to take extra care to ensure its proper use.

Other than that, just be sure to mention your preference. Since many people are not familiar with female condoms, you have to check and see if they are okay with using one. If they are not, just enjoy yourselves without intercourse.

An aside to men: Female condoms are more expensive and inserting one can take some practice. Moreover, just as vaginas come in difference sizes, so do female condoms. Meaning, if you plan on having sex with different people or with people you met recently, you will need to carry a variety of sizes. These aspects make a preference for female condoms much more convenient for long-term relationships.

Alex Bill is a junior studying

psychology and criminology.

Male condoms are not for everyone, but safety during sexual intercourse is.

Kudos that you are being “Safe and Sexy” like the campus program teaches us — the one that hands out free popcorn and Fruity-Pebble-flavored condoms like bingo chips in Baker Center.

Every hoo-ha is unique, so you need to reach outside what’s easy information and find the best fit for you.

Lovemaking is risk-taking and there are no buts (or anal safety nets) about it. But not everyone feels safe using conventional birth control methods. There is a complete menu of options to choose from: the pill, male condoms, spermicides, withdrawal, diaphragms, cervical caps, fertility awareness, sterilization and of course female condoms, according to

All these options range in levels of permanency and effectiveness, and the website offers a “My Method” tool for finding a personalized birth control plan.

Any sexual partner who judges you based on your birth control preference is not being a team player and most likely is not worth a romp in bed. Carrying around female condoms shows not only that you prepare for the fun you crave, but also proves you think before you act. One misfire could lead to lifelong changes ranging from unwanted pregnancies to ever-so-scary STDs.

Female condoms and male condoms are worth keeping around because they reduce the risk of STDs, whereas most other methods — including the pill — only guard from pregnancy.

I applaud you for finding your fit. It sounds like you are already taking the first step toward being confident in your decision, so pick up your stride and keep walking.

Steph Doan is a junior

studying journalism.

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