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BedPost: Tasteful teasing tips heat up long-distance love

How do you spice things up via Skype or texting if I have a long-distance relationship?

Spice-wise, long distance is hard.

But if you want romantic spice, Skype actually makes it easier.

You might not be able to hold hands throughout it, but have a fancy Skype dinner date. Dress up, cook (or order takeout), light some candles and eat. If you are into it, you can also watch movies together or even play board games — electronic ones — or you can set up the board in front of the camera. After that, the hardest part is adjusting the view.

Sex is another story, though.

If you are staying monogamous during the distance, it is time to start practicing your phone sex. Buy some extra minutes or wait until after 9 p.m. (depending on your phone plan), and just try to sound more legitimate than a romance novel.

I wonder if back in the pre-phone days people had letter or Morse code sex — long, long, long.

Yeah, you can send saucy text messages or have Skype sex, but that carries with it a very real digital paper trail. You better trust both the person you send the content to and your Internet safety settings.

Remember, deleting texts from your phone does not delete them from your phone records, and most video chat services have a “save screenshot” button.

Long distance is hard. If you are able to visit each other with any kind of regularity and if you know when the long-distance ends, you can survive it.

Good luck to you and yours across the distance.

Alex Bill is a junior studying

sociology and criminology.

Distance does not have to mean doom for your relationship.

Summer internships, impending graduation and different hometowns are happening faster than girls are trying to lose weight for Hilton Head.

Even if long-distance is your relationship norm, spiciness is not out of reach. Here’s how to grab a little extra hot sauce:

ONE classic way to sexify Skyping is by ditching the clothes. A picture is worth a thousand words for a reason. Too shy to get touchy-feely solo? Don’t. Show some skin and tease — anticipation is the libido’s best friend.  

TWO tips for keeping things hot are the expected and the unexpected. Sexting happens no matter what level of eroticism — it’s expected. Go for the

descriptive details, but add an unexpected twist. Most likely there are inside cute-isms only you two say in the bedroom that can be played up, or choose new ones.

THREE-some? Maybe that is not exactly you or your partner’s top fantasy, but find out what is. Talk the talk until you guys can walk the walk again. Share photos, ideas or new tips and tricks to try when you next see each other.

FOURty-five cents is the price of a stamp. Channel your inner Ryan Gosling and pull a Notebook love-letter writing stint. There’s no need to write a letter a day like hunky Noah, but a few words mean a lot when you are not around, and letters last longer than sexts. You can even add a naughty pic.

FIVE little words that mean the world: “I’m always thinking about you.” Nothing is sexier than knowing you’re missed.

Hopefully those tips help your long-distance relationship go the distance. You’ll make up some of your own along the journey, too.

Steph Doan is a junior

studying journalism.

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