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The BedPost: Private piercings do not portend a person's promiscuity

I’m interested in getting my hood pierced. Do you think potential partners will think it’s too much or consider me a slut?

Yes, some people will think that it is too much and consider you a slut. Those are not people that you should consider potential partners.

A great part about vaginal piercings is that, unlike facial piercings, you get to decide very carefully who sees them and who does not. Use that. When you find someone you like, ask about his or her opinion of vaginal piercings (though you should probably phrase it differently) or myriad other questions to try to gauge how he or she will respond.

If you want to avoid potential partners jumping to incorrect conclusions, acquaint yourself with them well enough before your clothes come off. When they finally see your genital accessory, it won’t affect their opinion of who you are as a person.

The only time this should ever really be an issue with potential partners is that, if you have just met someone with whom you decide to have sex (or just hang out without pants). In either case, maybe you should re-evaluate how you search for partners.

All in all, piercing your hood does not make you a slut. If a potential partner does not know that, they have no right being a potential partner.

Alex Bill is a junior studying psychology and criminology.

Slut:   1: a promiscuous woman; especially: prostitute; 2: a saucy girl; minx

Although the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary lays it out there, students on campus are at a loss when trying to define what, or who exactly, is a “slut.”

A girl sleeping at the “Pike” house; the one in skimpy clothes; four girls who gab constantly about sex; a minx who leads guys on; or a freshman who falls prey to late-night booty calls — all those girls are suspect to the name “slut.”

Girls can be sluts whether it is a one-time mistake or a personal piercing choice.

Even scientists testing the hood piercing–common slut ratio did not find enough repeated results in order to formulate a new law of trampology.

My hypothesis: Piercings, tramp stamps, Jacob’s ladders and birthmarks in private places do not directly correlate to sexual experience or promiscuity.

In fact, sexual experience barely relates to actual sluttiness.

A hood piercing is drawing attention downward but in a private way. Unless you share the nuts and bolts down there, there’s no need for others to know or judge. Even if you do flash and tell, it is your body and your choice.

Guys are curious enough about lady parts. Why not throw them a new toy?

Rumors are that clitoral hood piercings fuel more pleasure and increase stimulation; on the flip side, there’s talk that over-stimulation might desensitize the area. Neither argument has significant evidence.

But to skip expressing yourself (or your hoo-ha) for fear of a label is a bigger pain than getting pierced. It is “sluttier” to wear a self-righteous attitude than a tiny tube top any day of the week — what a saucy, stuck-up minx.

No matter what a girl is wearing or is piercing on her body, do not call her a slut until you have walked a mile in her very, very sky-high stripper heels.

Steph Doan is a junior studying journalism.


Worried you’re a closeted slut? Send Steph and Alex all your sex, love and relationship questions at

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