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Club's educational offer not a question of ethics

Some college students work at bars and bookstores to lighten the financial load — others work the pole. But whoever said stripping was a dead-end job wasn’t stripping at a certain establishment in Canada.


Strippers at Leopard’s Lounge in Windsor, Ont., are mastering the art of being both topless and studious. The club has decided to give educational incentives to strippers who wish to earn a college degree.


According to The Huffington Post, a law recently passed in Canada stopped allowing temporary visas for people who went to the country to be exotic dancers, so the club’s educational incentives allow them to enter the country as students.


The enrolled strippers working at Leopard’s Lounge have the flexibility to take any classes they want, creating a wide variety of diversity among the employees. Customers can now turn their favorite teacher and nurse fantasies into reality — one dancer is even studying to become a chiropractor, if that’s what you’re in to.


However, the dancers must maintain a B-plus average in order for Leopard’s Lounge to cough up the cash.


Of course, some people are outraged because they are under the impression this will entice more struggling students into the business of stripping. 


Although the plan might seem highly unorthodox, I think it’s absolutely genius. In my opinion, if you’re going to strip down for some trashy attention, at least do it for more than a Girls Gone Wild T-shirt.


In the wise words of Ohio University President Roderick McDavis, “your college degree is the only thing that appreciates over time.”


I’m not saying I condone stripping — quite the contrary, actually. However, once a stripper’s assets are no longer an “asset,” at least those lucky Canadian ones can fall back on something that will never depreciate: a degree.


Leopard’s Lounge is giving strippers an interesting incentive, but it is also giving them a way out.


It is impossible to completely eliminate the business of stripping, but it is possible to eliminate dancers’ dependence on degrading themselves for fast cash.


With college debt and unemployment rising, it is no wonder that strippers are feeling pressure to make it a permanent job. However, these incentives relay the right message: This doesn’t have to be forever.


Personally, I’m not sure if the Leopard’s Lounge plan will work, but I hope it does. And if nothing else, I hope more strip clubs take the initiative to encourage better benefits and incentives for their employees. Considering the unconventional hours strippers work, there is actually a chance the business ploy could be a success.


When it is all said and done, I think Leopard’s Lounge has taken an innovative spin on their craft. Whether the plan is a success or a complete bust (pun intended), I give them an A-plus for effort.


Casey Compernolle is a junior studying journalism at Ohio University. Do you think Leopard’s Lounge is doing the right thing? Email her at

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