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Post Column: Tongue-cutting man was on the right track

Some guys bite their tongue in order to keep the girl, while others just cut it off.

According to The Huffington Post, “Bunty Verma, a 32-year-old repairman from Sendhwa, India, reportedly insulted his wife, Hema, so frequently and severely that she recently left him, taking their daughter with her.”

Once she cut ties with Verma for his verbally abusive behavior, he did what any estranged lover would do: He cut off his tongue.

After he successfully cut ties with his old ways, Verma reached out to his wife with a note expressing his remorse. He explained that he wanted to get to the source of the problem, thus why he removed the organ from his body.

The Huffington Post reported that Verma was admitted to a hospital for treatment, but it’s unclear whether his drastic attempt to win his wife back actually worked.

I think there is a lot to be learned from this bizarre story, both literally and figuratively.

Literally, cutting your tongue out is extremely psychotic and not the answer to your failed marriage. Figuratively, it is the perfect answer.

Some guys blow up your phone and others get scripture tats in your honor (neither of which is ever socially acceptable), but those traditional methods of wooing women are simply ineffective.

This guy, on the other hand — he could be onto something.

If more people handled problems like Verma, the world would be a smarter place … and fewer guys would resort to paying $20 for a bouquet of flowers.

Of course I’m not advising anyone to actually cut their tongue out, but what if more people just got to the source of the problem and eliminated it like Verma did?

No “I’m sorry” texts or self-mutilation — just logic. Maybe more of us need to “cut our tongues out” … figuratively, of course.

Sure, flowers and Edible Arrangements are nice, but does any of it really change anything? If you’re anything like me, heart-shaped pineapples aren’t going to change much.

Do I think Verma’s wife should take him back? Probably not. Any type of abuse, verbal or physical, is never OK, but I do think it was an exceptional A- for effort.

This definitely isn’t the most romantic thing I’ve read lately, but it makes the most sense. And it prompts the question: “Why would we rather change everything surrounding our problems instead of the problem itself?”

I’m guilty of it, we all are. It is the same reason I would rather wear my work clothes to bed, but I refuse to fall asleep an hour earlier.

We’re conditioned to cut corners and look for the easiest possible solution to our problems when in reality the easy solution is usually the last one we try.

Verma’s last-ditch effort to win his wife back was cutting out his tongue, but why didn’t he just bite it first?

Casey Compernolle is a junior journalism student at Ohio University and a columnist for The Post. Would you ever cut out your tongue to win back lost love? Email Casey at

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