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Post Column: Semesters are hard, but it could be worse

As we wrap up the semester, there’s only one thing in mind: “I would give anything to go back to quarters.” You probably thought I was going to say winter break, but I’m too busy studying 15 weeks of material to even think about the comforts of Cleveland.

I’m not complaining though — it could be worse. And when I say worse, I mean that I could go to Miami. Fortunately, I go to the best school in the world. All right, maybe I’m a little biased, but I don’t think any readers will disagree.

With that being said, I would rather go to Ohio University on semesters than anywhere else on quarters. So, I tried to look at the bright side of things and searched for the positives about semesters.

Here’s what I came up with:

1. Buying books. Unlike during quarters, when we had to buy and rent books three times a year, with semesters, we only have to buy them twice.

According to the Collegiate Times, “the College Board’s 2009 report on trends in college pricing, books and supplies cost students $1,122 per year on average, or $561 per semester.”

If students had to pay that three times a year it would dramatically increase the total annual cost they spend for books and supplies.

So, a special thanks to College Bookstore for only committing highway robbery on our bank accounts twice a year.

2. Less comprehensive finals. During quarters, professors were much more likely to give comprehensive finals. However, I think many of them have realized that’s just insanity and opted to test over a few chapters.

3. Two Number Fests. I’m not entirely sure if this is a new tradition, but I’m not complaining. The switch to semesters has somehow allowed us to lose our dignity at not one, but two Number Fests a year. Cheers!

4. More time with your hometown favorites. This one could go both ways, as some of you might despise your roots. Assuming your Turkeyunion wasn’t a complete disaster, the majority of us have that solid group of friends that we always struggled to hang out with because of different break schedules. Now that we’re all on semesters, it’s easier to make winter, spring and summer vacation plans.

5. Home for the holidays. Because in reality, home is really just wherever you have more Foursquare check-ins, right?

Have you seen the magical Christmas lights on Court Street? (Shout out to the Cornwells.) I mean, come on, it’s straight out of a Hallmark movie. I also may  have seen a horse-drawn buggy the other night. Those decorations alone make spending the holidays here worth it.

Plus, this also means copious amounts of Christmas-themed parties. And who doesn’t love an ugly Christmas sweater party?

These might be no comparison to our beloved quarters, but they’re something.

Honorable mentions: shorter classes, easier-to-transfer credit with other colleges and applications for internships.

Did I mention we’re not Miami?

Casey Compernolle is a junior journalism student at Ohio University and a columnist for The Post. Email her at

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