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BedPost: New York-bound columnist passes torch

Former BedPost writer bids adieu to faithful readers for bigger plans...

Steve Martin (sex expert, actor … really just an actor) once said, “Be so good they can’t ignore you.” Well, no offense to Steve, but I say:

Write about sex so they can’t ignore you.

It has worked for me the past two years, and I have loved every second of it. But now it’s time to say goodbye, my sexy Bobcats. To the virgins, to the experienced, to the curious, to the in-love, to those who never give up on getting laid, I say, “Thanks.”

Next week, my best friend and beautiful Greek goddess Eleni Lazares and I embark to the Big Apple. Eleni got a coveted spot as a Today Show intern — watch out, Kathy and Hoda — and I will be interning at Prevention magazine.

Trust me, this is a dream come true. My college story is a testament that plans might fail, but failures happen for the better. I have not always been a saint or the perfect student. I have given up opportunities for boys. I have had enough self-doubt and anxiety to give up on things before trying. But I have always known that I love to write; it’s the one thing I can’t not do. No matter what was happening, if I had a broken heart, if I was ecstatic about life, if I was drunk or sad or happy or giggling so hard that I peed my pants while slipping on an ice-covered Court Street, writing has always sneakily snuck its way into my life — no matter what the outlet.

Thanks for picking up a copy of The Post just to see if your name is in it, or just to wipe up a spilled coffee in Front Room. Maybe sometimes you even look at our website online in between Googling for nudey pics. Every time you pick up a copy of the school paper, you support your fellow students who work hard pretty much 24/7 in order to produce a quality product, which deserves your attention if not your gratitude.

And it got even better every Tuesday when they talked about sex.

Writing for all of you has been a journey – sometimes frustrating – that was more rewarding than any other part of my college experience. Farewell, friends.

...and leaves pen for sophomore who aims to answer questions, knock off socks

Well, hi there!

I promise you’re not delusional, there was no mistake and this is not a practical joke. My name is Kristin and I am the new writer of The BedPost!

Hold your applause.

I have the fabulous honor of taking over this column from my Rocky Horror Picture Show cast-mate, Steph Doan. I might not have years of experience writing this column like she did, but I think a few things qualify me for this position.

1.) I took Sex Ed. Trust me, I know how babies are made and everything.

2.) I watch a lot of Sex and the City. I like to think I’m a Carrie with Samantha tendencies and Charlotte’s hair, which is like, a totally good combination.

3.) I don’t judge. Anyone who knows me understands that I most likely have a tragic story or a stupid question following every weekend. So, you can take a seat on the struggle bus right next to me.

All jokes aside, I have lots of experience writing about sex, both monogamous and polyamorous — for the first time and for the 50th time — including heterosexual and homosexual, twosomes, threesomes and foursomes. Phew! Is it hot in here?

I’m sure we’ll get to talk about some mushy romantic stuff, too, although most of my date nights are currently spent with my stuffed pug and me wrapped in an electric blanket watching Parks and Recreation.

So come along on this journey of sexual enlightenment (If that’s a thing?), be sure to write to me at and be sure to bring an extra pair of socks.

‘Cause the ones you’re wearing are gonna be rocked off.

Want to say hello to our newest BedPost columnist or ask a sexy question? Email Kristin at

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