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Phone snooping, trust issues go hand-in-hand

Dear BedPost,

I was snooping through my boyfriend’s phone, as I tend to do, and I found questionable texts from a number that was not saved in his phone. He referred to the girl as baby and said they had to meet up. How do I confront him without seeming crazy?

Dear reader,

Um, cue to me checking my phone and creating a lock-code, and I’m not even in a relationship…

Look, I’m not particularly sure what you were going for here. When you snoop, you’re usually looking for something to be wrong, otherwise you’ve just looked and found nothing. So, I guess in theory, you won. Congrats!

But, in seriousness, what is wrong with you, chick? Yeah it’s kind of messed up that he did that, but it sounds like the bigger issue is that you have felt the need to snoop. That’s some trust issues that are bigger than this.

Maybe sit down, let him know that while he’s kind of a Grade-A Geoffery and that the reason you even found that out is because you are a little sneaky-sneak. Resolve your issues over ice cream? Or maybe it’s time to throw in the towel.

Kristin is a junior studying journalism and the Culture Editor of The Post.

This, dear reader, is what we in the profession call a “bad relationship.”  You have enough trust issues to warrant thinking spying on your dude’s text messages is a good idea. What’s even worse is he managed to prove that it was a good idea. Those are problems.

You were in the clear; you were the good guy. You have a boyfriend who has been behaving suspiciously and is probably cheating on you. Maybe. Allegedly. There aren’t many ways to take that scenario though.

If you had checked his texts as a result of him acting weirdly, you would have been the righteous one and could walk away with your head held high.

Let me read you a quote: “I was snooping, as I tend to do” Don’t tend to do that. Just because this one corroborated your theory doesn’t mean you should tend to do these things with anyone you date.

Leave this boyfriend. Then take some time to think about how you trust people you date. Find a guy who isn’t suspicious and don’t snoop. You’re both bad at relationships.

Ian is a junior studying journalism and a copy editor at The Post. Have a sneaky significant other? Email us at

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