At the urging of students, Culinary Services revamped Flex meal plans

Ohio University students will not have to fret about using or losing their Flex Points by the end of Fall Semester.

The $225 in Flex Points, which come with the Flex 14 and Flex 20 meal plans, will no longer expire at the end of the fall semester. Instead, students will be given their full $450 in Flex Points at the start of the academic year and the points will roll over to Spring Semester.

Culinary Services decided to change the practice after students asked for a change, said Dan Pittman, assistant director of auxiliary sales.

“It’s simply a reflection of our commitment to customer service,” he said in an email.

The change will not affect the amount of Flex Points students receive as compared to the past.

Flex Points can be spent at campus cafes such as West 82 Food Court, Latitude 39 and The Front Room where the traditional meal swipes are not accepted. When spent, each Flex Point equals $1.

Sarah Weingarten, a sophomore studying journalism, said it will be convenient that the points won’t expire.

“It’s nice because … if you need more Flex Points you have them, but if you go through the whole $450 by Fall Semester you’re screwed,” Weingarten said.

Even though Culinary Services made the change at the request of students, some don’t have strong opinions about it.

It doesn’t bother Corey Rex, a sophomore pre-medical student. He believes some students may run out of Flex Points before the end of the semester. 

Rex said that freshmen don’t typically understand their meal plan, which is why they may have trouble saving their Flex Points.

“If you manage your Flex Points you’ll like it better, if you don’t manage your Flex Points you’ll blow through them.”