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Howdy, students! Welcome back to your favorite thing to read nervously in class: The Bedpost

The Bedpost duo make their fateful return. 

For those who are unfamiliar, we are The Post’s sexual authorities and guides to love and getting it on on our campus. We want you to feel comfortable asking us everything from how to make the hot barista at The Front Room notice you, to how to handle a partner who’s into some salacious acts. 

I’m Kristin and I’ve been writing this column for almost two years now, much to the dismay of my parents and everyone on my Facebook page. When I’m not talking about or thinking about other peoples’ love and sex lives, I’m probably sending pictures of pugs to my roommates or playing “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.” 

Something that’s new this year is that we are now coming to you in podcast form! Every week you can light some candles, pour some boxed wine and hear our angelic voices discussing this week’s question, what’s new in sex and love, our opinions about celebrity butts and more. It’s gonna be pretty boss. 

So feel free to send us your questions about burning love or whether that burning sensation is normal, and I can’t wait to spend my time helping you have better sex and maybe find true love (probably not).

Kristin Salaky is a senior studying journalism and a slot editor for The Post.

They’re letting me do this again, guys. 

If you don’t already know about this column, this is where my esteemed colleague Kristin and I tell you the ins and outs (hah) of how to make good sex and why your relationships aren’t working. 

It’s an exact science.

I’m particularly excited about getting to tell you all our endlessly clairvoyant advice with our brand-spanking (HAH) new podcast. We’ll go even deeper on our week’s topics and possibly have some guests share stories or offer their own perspectives. Maybe don’t let your mom listen.

Other than Bedpost, I’ll pretty much just be in the newsroom not sleeping and wishing I was recording a podcast about sex.

So buckle up for another 30 weeks of listening to two college kids giving you the skinny on anal, bondage, sexting and the missionary position. It’s going to be fun for everyone.

Ian Ording is a senior studying journalism and the copy chief of The Post

Have any questions about sex and relationships? Email Kristin and Ian at

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