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Green and White Review: Setty, Taylor talk basketball

Ohio men's basketball's Treg Setty and Stevie Taylor joined the Green and White Review this week. Read a brief of their interview, which airs 7 p.m. Thursday on WOUB AM 1340

Ohio men’s basketball Stevie Taylor, a senior guard, and Treg Setty, a redshirt junior forward, joined the Green and White Review this week as guests and talked about the upcoming season. Here’s a brief Q&A from our interview, which airs at 7 p.m. Thursday on WOUB AM 1340.

GWR: What’s the story behind bringing the headband back this season?

TAYLOR: Back in my high school days, I just played ball. I went out there, I worked on my game night-less hours, and I just had the mind-set like ‘nobody can stop me,’ and that’s what kind of mindset I’m going to bring to this season because I’m a senior and it’s time for me to lead.

GWR: What’s your favorite O-Zone chant?

TAYLOR: For me, my favorite O-Zone chant is ‘winning team, losing team.’ I think it makes any time we kick a team’s head in, it makes them like ‘man, their fans are even getting on us.”’It really rubs it, in and I’m all about that — in a respectful way.

SETTY: It’s not really respectful, though.

TAYLOR: You know what? That’s for them to decide, not for me.

SETTY: It can be interpreted as being extremely offensive, and in the past, we have had post-game altercations, and I think that might stem from the frustrations from the O-Zone.

TAYLOR: But hey, this is Bobcat Nation, baby. That’s all we care about. That’s what we do.

SETTY: Transitioning to me, I would say without a doubt, naturally, my favorite chant is the “Setty chant.” This chant began in the Buffalo game. I was playing; I was going hard. I turned around to the band and told them to get up, and out of nowhere I just heard “Set-ty, Set-ty.” I thought it was in my head, I’m like yes, let’s go. But it was real; it was them doing it, and it was extremely, extremely exciting. It was riveting. 

GWR: What’s your favorite form of social media?

TAYLOR: See me, I’m all about connecting with people and meeting new people, but I was telling Setty like a couple days ago, I don’t really tweet that much.

SETTY: Relatively. We’re looking at the 25 a day he would tweet the past couple years, now he’s looking at maybe five or six, which is good for him.

TAYLOR: Hey man, I’m getting old out here. It’s time for me to taking the next step with things, you know. I may be starting to lose my little spirit in tweeting.

SETTY: I still like to pass notes; is that social media? About anything, really. I mean anytime I’m in class and get bored, I’m like “hey, pass it down, pass it down.” Maybe four or five people down I’ll ask somebody what they think about something.


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