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December started a series of the only two impeachment trials and appeals in International Student Union history. Accusations of corruption bounced between different international groups and the former president, Phally Chroy, throughout these trials. Ultimately, a new president was elected with a goal to create a positive light for ISU next year.

ISU president is to be removed from office a second time

Phally Chroy, the ISU president, has been impeached for the second in three months. He will appeal Monday. 

Yet again, the International Student Union president has received notice he is to be removed from office.

This decision has been made twice in the same academic year, regarding the same president, Phally Chroy. Those are the only impeachment processes that have happened in ISU history.

A disciplinary committee formed at the last ISU general body meeting according to the guidelines of the organization’s constitution made the decision Tuesday evening. Chroy did not witness the formation of the committee — he walked out of the meeting beforehand.

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ISU advisor Krista McCallum Beatty sent out an email Wednesday morning informing the general body about the committee’s decision.

In the email, Beatty said Chroy “has notified the ISU Executive Committee that he intends to appeal the decision,” just like the first time he was impeached.

It is detailed in the ISU constitution that an impeached official has the right to appeal the committee’s decision and turn the voting process over to the general board of ISU.

In Chroy’s appeal for his first impeachment, he made the case that, based on his interpretation of the ISU Constitution, an ISU advisor had to be involved in the voting process to make the vote legitimate.

Therefore it was determined that the committee did not have a unanimous decision, and he was technically still the president.

He appealed and was reinstated.

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However, this changed for the second impeachment process. The general board voted 17-1 that Beatty should not vote as a part of the disciplinary meeting, therefore clarifying the general body’s stance on whether an advisor should vote in impeachment decisions.

Chroy will state his appeal to the general body at the next ISU meeting Monday.

The general board will then vote as to whether Chroy will stay president.


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