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An Ohio University Police car parked outside of Scott Quadrangle. 

Here are 10 of the oddest police reports during OU's Spring Semester

Whether it’s nudity or a shady salesman, graffiti about mothers or nonsensical fights, many eye-raising reports have made their way to the the Post’s weekly blotter.

The day-to-day cases handled by local law enforcement are a mix of both typical and odd. Whether it’s nudity, a shady salesman, graffiti about mothers or nonsensical fights, many eye-raising reports have made their way to the Post’s weekly blotter.

Here are the oddest-of-the-odd reports from the 2015 Spring Semester:

Shirt attack

An Ohio University student was arrested on Feb. 1 after he reportedly struck his roommate with a shirt and threatened to punch him, according to Ohio University Police Department reports.

OUPD received a report at about 1:40 a.m. that two roommates were having a quarrel at South Green’s Hoover House, according to a previous Post article.

The officer was unable to verify if the suspect had actually struck his roommate, but noted the marks on the roommate’s neck were consistent with those a towel or a shirt might make.

The suspect was arrested on suspicion of menacing after the officer interviewed both the roommates and a witness. The suspect was also charged with marijuana paraphernalia after he was found to have drug paraphernalia in his room.

Stolen Change

On Feb. 1, the Athens Police Department responded to a burglary report on on North Lancaster Street.

According to the report, $2 in change was taken from the residence, and a door was broken. Police valued the door’s damages at $20.

Fighting Nobody

A man was arrested at about 2:30 a.m. on Feb. 8 on suspicion of disorderly conduct by intoxication after he was found “engaging in conduct, which appeared to be fighting, but nobody else was present,” according to police reports.

The man was not wearing a shirt and his pants were soaked.

The 19-year-old man was unsteady on his feet, had extremely dilated pupils and was unable to make a rational statement.

It is believed that the man had jumped into a nearby creek, the police report said. Temperatures were near freezing that night.

Wrong Room

Also on Feb. 8, OUPD received a report about a man who had entered a room in Perkins Hall and then passed out on a bed. The female resident of the room found the man and attempted to wake him, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

The resident contacted a resident assistant who then contacted OUPD, the report said.

The man also urinated in the bed.

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Don’t mess with grandma

A female reported to the sheriff’s office on March 1, that she was punched in the face by her boyfriend’s grandmother during a dispute at the grandmother’s residence on Stone Road.

The female had a red mark on the right side of her face, according to the report. Police issued a court summons to the grandmother who allegedly struck the female. 

Pee and flee

A male OU student was observed urinating in public on March 21, the day of High Fest, on the side of a High Street residence, according to a police report.

The man attempted to flee and was apprehended shortly afterward by OUPD officers.

That man was cited with disorderly conduct and obstructing official business, as he refused to provide sufficient identification, the report stated.

 Shady Salesman

The Athens County Sheriff’s Office received a call on March 26 of a suspicious man selling vacuums on Dickinson Road.

A woman requested extra patrol in the area on the chance that the male suspect was not actually a vacuum salesman.

After some time monitoring the area, deputies were unable to make contact with the suspect.

Never let go

On March 29, the sheriff’s office received a call from an Albany man seeking to take his clothes back from his girlfriend.

Deputies advised him that it was up to him to get his own clothes back, and that officers would not get involved without a court order.

The man went on to tell the deputies that when he grabbed the back of his girlfriend’s car, she drove off and dragged him down the road.

When deputies asked him why he would grab ahold of a moving car, the man said he was bent on retrieving his clothes, which were in the trunk of her car.

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'Don’t listen to your mother'

An OU employee reported to the OUPD on March 31, that he found graffiti along the roof outside an OU band practice room, which is located on the southeast side of Glidden Hall.

The message, “Don’t listen to your mother” was spray-painted in red on the building, according to a police report.

Nothing but underwear

A 19-year-old man was arrested on April 18, after bystanders observed him running across OU’s College Green, wearing only his underwear.

Police noticed facial injuries on the man’s face, after he was located some time after 8:30 p.m. The man was unaware how he sustained those facial injuries, according to the report.

The man, who was classified as a visitor to OU’s campus in the police report, had a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage on his breath and body, spoke unclearly and was not aware of his surroundings, according to police reports. He was arrested and later transported to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail.


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