Number Fest will be held April 16.

Don’t worry about ordering a keg for this year’s Number Fest.

Prime Social Group, a concert promotion company based in Columbus that organizes Number Fest, announced Wednesday that the 14th edition will no longer include a BYOB policy. However, a camping option will be implemented.

The event will take place April 16 at The Venue on State Route 56.

“We as a group collectively made a decision that (13Fest) was going to be the last year it would be a BYOB event just from a safety standpoint,” Adam Lynn, co-founder of Prime Social Group, said. “It was getting a little too out of control.” 

Alcohol will still be available for sale inside the venue, according to The Number Fest website.

The ticket pre-sale will start Sept. 2 at noon.

According to its website, the camping “will allow overnight accommodations to be more readily availably (sic), as well as ensure more people have a safe place to stay at the end of the festival.”

Alcohol will still be available for sale inside the event, according to the website.

It will be a similar style event, Lynn said, just without the ability for students to bring their own libations.

“It may discourage some people from buying tickets, — which we understand — but we feel it’s something that’s necessary for us to do this year,” Lynn said. “We’re calling it the new Number Fest.”

Some students are not pleased with the announcement.

“I think that’s unintelligent,” Chloe Vesoulis, a senior studying environmental health, said. “It could deter ticket sales because concert venues cost so much for their alcohol.”

Vesoulis said she would still consider attending the event because she is of legal drinking age.

Others believe attendees will not abide by the new policy.

“I think people will sneak it in regardless,” Bailey Ackers, a sophomore studying human biology, said.

The 14Fest ticket pre-sale begins Sept. 2 at noon.  

Other major changes are in the works. Prime Social Group purchased The Venue, the field that hosts each edition, Lynn said. The group plans to widen the entry and exit lanes as well as to eventually have a fully functional site with water, power and electricity.

“It’s one of those things where it’s going to be a long project with the site,” Lynn said. “We’re doing as much as we can every year. It’s a really beautiful site and we want to maximize that.”

The camping element will first be seen at the Country Night Lights festival, also organized by Prime Social Group, in September, according to the festival’s Twitter account.