The Post sports staffers predict Ohio's matchup with Western Michigan this Saturday. 

The Post sports staffers predict Ohio's matchup with Western Michigan this Saturday. 

This is what they had to say:

Luke O'Roark | Sports Editor (4-2)

Ohio 2, Western Michigan 0

This is what linebacker Quentin Poling and Ohio's defense wants, and I want it too.

Charlie Hatch | Sports Editor (5-1)

Ohio 27, Western Michigan 24

WMU is better than anyone wants to admit. But Ohio is pretty good, too. I think the real question is if the game ends before Bobcat Madness begins...

Tony Wolfe | Senior Writer (5-1)

Ohio 27, Western Michigan 13

The Bobcats seem to be in a nice groove on offense when health isn't a factor. If Vick is on the field for four quarters, we'll handle Western Michigan fairly well.

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Wynston Wilcox | Staff Writer (4-2)

Ohio 30, Western Michigan 21

Ohio isn't showing any signs of slowing down offensively, and its defense is obviously strong. Don't know much about the Broncos, but it should be an interesting game at good ol' Peden Stadium. 

Jordan Horrobin | Staff Writer (6-0)

Ohio 24, Western Michigan 17

I view this as a sort of trap game for the Bobcats but still a game they shouldn't lose. Would a win in the Blackout threads encourage the team to wear them more? Probably not, but I hope so.

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