Painting for Pooches welcomes people to come paint an outdoor winter scene and drink wine. The proceeds of the event will go towards helping the Athens Dog Shelter.


Dog lovers are in for a treat at the Athens Community Center, where they can paint in support of man’s best friend.

The Athens Friends of the Shelter Dogs group, along with Corks n Canvas, are hosting an event called Painting for Pooches, in which people come to paint their own picture and drink wine. The proceeds of the event, which starts at 6 p.m., Friday, go toward helping the dogs who live in the local shelter.

Tickets are $40 but were in short supply as of press time. However, the The Athens Friends of  the Shelter Dogs plan on hosting the event once a month for the foreseeable future, according to Kami Perritt, a board member of the The Athens Friends of the Shelter Dogs.

“It's basically painting with a twist, or artist entertainment,” Rachel “Corky” Proffitt of Corks n Canvas, said. “People paint the featured scene and go home with a painting they’re proud to hang on their walls.”

Friday’s featured painting, according to Perritt, is an outdoor winter scene that includes a pine tree with Christmas lights. Perritt also said there would be plenty of ways to “personalize” each painting.

The money from the third Painting for Pooches will go toward the hundreds of dogs the group houses, along with paying for any veterinary visits the dogs require, Proffitt said.

“It’s a fun way to raise money for a good cause. In this case it's helping those poor animals,” Proffitt said.

Some students also recognized the importance of supporting the dog shelter.

“It’s important for shelters to get funding because without it, more dogs would be euthanized before they have a chance to get adopted,” Sofi Trexler, a sophomore studying business, said.

Perritt heard about Corks n Canvas after attending one of Proffitt's events and reached out to her to help raise the money. Proffitt said she usually hosts up to 50 people, and in the past, Paintings for Pooches has drawn a full house.

“Painting relaxes people,” Proffitt said. “It’s something new for people who have never painted, and it’s a good way to get together as a community.”

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The event, which Perritt said is mostly attended by women, is also a chance to provide the community with a form of entertainment that isn’t readily available elsewhere in the community.

“It’s kind of like a girls night out, but it's also a fun date night,” Perritt said. “We’re excited to bring it to Athens because it’s something different that isn't offered here.”

Proffitt also said she is always impressed at how well the pictures turn out from people who don’t paint.

“People who have never painted before are amazed they can paint and go home with a picture they’re pleased with,” Proffitt said.

The wine that will be available was donated by some of the volunteers involved with the shelter. The wine is complimentary, but donations will be accepted. Perritt said she was very grateful for the donations and spoke highly of her volunteers.

“We have the most wonderful volunteers list in all of Athens,” she added.