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Police Blotter

Police Blotter: OUPD arrests Harry Potter the morning after Yule Ball

OUPD reported six other alcohol-related incidents between Nov. 9 and Sunday.

If Harry Potter had his Nimbus 2000 with him early Sunday morning, maybe the Ohio University Police Department wouldn’t have found him intoxicated and climbing a fence inside Peden Stadium.

OUPD arrested a male student dressed as Harry Potter at about 1 a.m. for disorderly conduct, according to an OUPD report. According to the report, the student was having trouble keeping his balance and had bloodshot eyes and slurred speech.

While the report doesn’t mention the event, it’s worth noting that the Ohio University Harry Potter Alliance hosted the Yule Ball a couple of hours earlier.

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The incident was one of seven involving alcohol OUPD reported from Nov. 9 to Sunday. During that time, OUPD reported five incidents involving fake I.D.s and nine drug-related incidents, eight of which mention marijuana in the reports.

Around 1 a.m. Friday morning, an OUPD officer encountered a student “attempting to stand up” outside Shively Hall, according to an OUPD report. According to the report, when the officer asked for identification, the student couldn’t tell his I.D.s apart and handed the officer three I.D.s, two of them fake, reminiscent of the student who showed an officer two I.D.s in a previous Post report.

Later that morning, OUPD responded to a call and found two females, a student and a visitor, intoxicated and attempting to enter other students' rooms in a residence hall, according to an OUPD report.

The OUPD officer found a fake I.D. in the student’s purse and cited her with disorderly conduct and having a fictitious I.D., and cited the guest with disorderly conduct, according to the report.

OUPD reported eight incidents of theft between Nov. 9 and Sunday. The items reported stolen varied in value — one student reported his sweatshirt was stolen from Alden library, while another reported his laptop stolen from the same building, according to OUPD reports.

Additionally, OUPD reported three thefts of student parking tags between Nov, 9 and Sunday.

Thursday, an Ohio IT employee reported a damaged vending machine to OUPD, according to an OUPD report. According to the report, the employees from the vending machine company believed $4 in merchandise were missing from the machine.

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Saturday, the Athens County Sheriff’s Office responded to a call about a suspected breaking and entering, but determined that the damage had most likely been caused by a pet, according to a sheriff's office report.

According to the report, the woman reported that most of her window blinds and some of her curtains were damaged, and officers found no signs of forced entry.


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