DeVaughn Tubbs said some of his best friends at OU are in SMO.

DeVaughn Tubbs has been involved in choir since grade school, and he continues to thrive with the Singing Men of Ohio choral group.

He has had several different experiences, as he had moved from Los Angeles to Cincinnati to Athens.
Tubbs describes each of his previous choir groups as very hardworking and accomplished, so he was naturally drawn to Ohio University’s famous men’s group. He discussed at length with me that not unlike many other groups on campus, choir has become a tight-knit family of peers that share a lot of time together.
Some of his best friends at OU are in SMO, and his best friend is in Section 8, the more elite a capella sector of SMO.
Singing is something that Tubbs is extremely comfortable with, and he said that the SMO members sing at parties and whenever they are together outside of practice.

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There are some stereotypes of choir students, and Tubbs said that a lot of them are true. He embraces some of them. 

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