The Moonstruck Burlesque troupe will be putting on a classic vaudeville-esque show at Casa Nueva on Saturday.

Editor’s Note: The burlesque dancers featured in this article are referred to by their stage names.

Hot, dirty and silly — that’s how the Moonstruck Burlesque troupe describes the show it will be performing at Casa Nueva on Saturday at 11 p.m. The performance, which is called “Seeing Pink,” features playful antics accompanied by sensual numbers.

Rena LaMarr, one of the founders of the group, said the show will feature more comedy and playfulness than the troupe has had in the past.

“This is going to be one of our most silly, over-the-top shows that we’ve had to date,” LaMarr said. “We’re really focusing on a silly and sexy vibe for it. We’ve amped our game up.”

LaMarr also said combining comedy with sensual performances is not as hard as it sounds.

“One thing I love about burlesque is that you can be silly or goofy and be sexy at the same time,” LaMarr said. “You have to come to the show to see it in action.”

Another member of the group, Veronica Honeywell, said the trick is to have a diverse set that can transition between different moods.

“People will laugh out loud at some of our numbers, but other parts are a lot more sensual,” Honeywell said. “Long story short, expect a lot of variety.”

And variety is exactly what the dancers are bringing to the table. Accompanying the troupe is a drag king named Santana Romero, whom LaMarr called a “powerhouse,” and another dancer, named Shrimp Cocktail, whom she referred to as “a cute little package who has some funny numbers.”

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According to LaMarr and Honeywell, one of the best things about performing is how much empowerment they get from dancing and how it provides them with an opportunity to encourage other women to feel the same way.

“I’m a plus-sized woman,” LaMarr said. “I feel that as a plus-sized woman, it’s important for women to see different body shapes in a positive way.”

Honeywell agreed, saying that the burlesque environment gives her an opportunity to forget about any insecurities because she’s having too much fun to think about it.

“It makes you take yourself less seriously,” Honeywell said. “If you’re having fun, you’re not worried about how your stomach looks.”

LaMarr added that the whole burlesque community encourages women of all ages, sizes and colors to love their bodies and not be afraid to show them off. In the past, she has seen such varieties at shows she attended.

“We don't care who you are,” LaMarr said. “We have performers in their 80s who perform in a wheelchair. It’s absolutely inspiring to see such a diversity of culture, shapes and sexes.”

The audience at the burlesque shows, LaMarr said, love the interactions that the troupe has with them.

“We’re very playful with the audience,” LaMarr said. “We bring them in, we tease them, and the crowd just loves the mystery of finding out what's going to happen.”