Two jam bands are playing at Casa this Saturday.

Willy Morren, lead singer of The Almighty Get Down, said the way his band will play can only be described in one sentence.

“From the stage back to the drums, it’s going to be a party,” Morren said.

Two bands, The Almighty Get Down and dadARM, are playing at Casa Nueva this Saturday. While the bands have never played together, dadARM said both are excited for the show.

“They played a show at Casa, and they sounded so good that I stayed until the bar closed,” Dom Riggenowski, the guitar player for dadARM, said. “I told the event coordinator that we’d love to open up for them.”

Morren said he was just as pleased with the choice of opening bands.

“I checked them out and was immediately happy they’d be playing at the show,” Morren said.

Both bands fall under the category of jam bands, meaning they tend to draw out their songs more when live and experiment with the music. However, both bands have different personalities.

“We have similar styles, but we don't step on each other's musical toes,” Riggenowski said.

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John Corliss, the bassist of dadARM, said that, as a jam band, it’s important to have an idea in mind as it tries new things.

“We like to experiment, but we always have a destination in mind,” Corliss said. “A lot of jam bands will just go around and around and get nowhere.”

Jam bands are also known to get the patrons on the dance floor, something Corliss said was accurate.

“If you like to sit and enjoy the music, you’ll like us,” Corliss said. “If you like to dance, you’ll love us.”

Morren also agreed that the show was bound to be lively.

“There’s going to be some jumping up and down, rolling on the floor and some hanging off of the ceiling,” Morren said.

This is the first show dadARM has played since returning from a European tour, where Corliss said they played more than 60 shows in a dozen countries. The self-proclaimed “rock ‘n’ roll power trio” said it was a crazy experience.

“It was all a blur. (European fans) were really grateful to us, and they liked our sound,” Corliss said. “Hopefully we can go back.”

The band played in England, Germany and Belgium, just to name a few. Corliss said while Europe is very different, playing overseas isn’t much different than performing in the United States.

“People who like music like it no matter where they’re at. and they appreciate it,” Corliss said. “We enjoyed the hell out of it.”

While sitting at Jackie O’s Pub and Brewery, Corliss said it’s good to be back in Athens and calls it home, especially with the warm weather.

“Good friends, good people, good beer,” Corliss said as he sipped a draft. “Home sweet home.”


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