Ohio has a problem.

Well, two problems. 

They go by the names of Joshua Dobbs and Jalen Hurd. And they're very good. 

So good, in fact, that both are expected to be taken in the 2017 NFL Draft. Dobbs was named by some to be in Heisman consideration for this season.

The Bobcats won't face another duo like this for the rest of the season, but for now, the two will give the Ohio defense all it can handle.


I'll finally be able to look at game film from this season, so I took a look at the Virginia Tech-Tennessee game from last weekend. The game, played at Bristol Motor Speedway, was the largest attended football game in history.

Focusing on Dobbs and Hurd, skip to 2:47:57 of the clip for the play I'll break down.

Tennessee, which operates a run-first offense, is up by 14 on Virginia Tech, trying to burn the clock. For the majority of the game, the Volunteers had a three-wideout set, with a tight end on the line or set as a flanker in the backfield. Tennessee loved to incorporate motion into its offense.

At 2:48:01, Virginia Tech shows an all out blitz to stop the run. The Hokies have four defensive lineman in, just like the Bobcats run. The far defensive end on the weak side is just in a two-point stance.

The offensive line creates a strong wall against the Hokie defense, and then the linebackers who tried an 'A' gap blitz, are caught. Exactly what Tennessee wants.

At 2:48:04, Dobbs uses the mesh-point to keep the ball. At 6-foot-3, 210 pounds, he has only an outside linebacker to beat. He also has a tight end as his lead blocker. 

That outside backer is forced to pinch on Hurd, who stands 6-foot-4, 240 pounds, simply because of the power he brings to the middle of the line. 

Dobbs beats the linebacker with his speed, breaking a tackle and heading toward the end zone. Dobbs finishes the run with an impressive leap into the end zone for a touchdown, putting Virginia Tech out of the game.


The Bobcats are going to have their hands full Saturday. Dobbs and Hurd are no joke, and the up-tempo offense of the Volunteers is going to be tough to handle.

The linebacking corps is going to be the most important position group this week. Chad Moore, Quentin Poling and Blair Brown are going to have to have the games of their lives. Linebacking is normally important to stop a read option scheme, but in facing the bigger Volunteers, the unit will be of the utmost importance.

Ohio will have to be strong up front, Dobbs hasn't shown well in the pass game so far. He went 10-19 for 91 yards against Virginia Tech. 

But the risk lies not in Dobbs' arm, but in his legs.



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